i like it!!!

Discussion in '2000 Chevrolet Camaro 302 Concept' started by NYCStangGT, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I don't! Thanks for your insight and in-depth explanation why. moron<!-- Signature -->
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    How can you know that you do or do not like it? you can't tell anything about it. Let's see, we know the engine's size and we know it's a V8 (not that its much of a suprise), we know the size of the wheelbase, and some information about the brakes, and that's pretty much it. I'm not putting it down, I'm just wondering how you can already have such strong opinions.
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    I own a 98 z28 camaro and i love that car.What can i say?
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    good transmission six speed is best espeshally manual
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    I've heard this engine produces somewhere in the realm of 350+ HP and is in the 0-60 low 5's.

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