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  1. For a place where winter ends in May and starts again in September, stars and trees don't cut it.
  2. Yeah its not my favorite place to be for sure. I live in BC and my company pays travel allowance so as with many oil field workers we stay in camp. And my company actually now owns its own mobile camp. So as long as I am only there to work sask doesn't bother me too much
  3. What does ontario do anyway? I think you have a couple mines, but your entire mfg sector is kinda lame.
  4. Power generation, lumber, agriculture, commerce, and retail, that's about it. Manufacturing is definitely light.
  5. My car was built in Ontario.
  6. GM product?
  7. Honda, actually.
  8. I'm an assistant CTO in a school for psychometric, GMAT and a bunch of other exams and stuff.

    Oil prices are going up again.
  9. Gas went up 14c here overnight.
  10. Around here it's regulated, and the prices only update once a month. Individual stations can vary the prices a little bit, increasing or decreasing their profit margin.
    So luckily we have until March to enjoy the low prices.
  11. fill your bath tub now
  12. *Tentative sigh of relief*
  13. So you generate power for people that work in retail mostly. Lumber is sold to China and the US at super low prices, and only employs a handful. Agriculture.. thats a joke compared to either of the Prairies.

    yeah. Have not province.
  14. actually we generate power for the vast majority of the eastern seabord of the US and the rest of ontario via either niagara falls or the nuclear plant north of toronto.
  15. Don't know what you're so cranky about? Other than the fact that no one here is losing their jobs, maybe.
  16. I still work for the city. Transportation and roadways, so whenever the bubble pops every few years I still have a steady job that pays reasonable. You'll get hired back in no time, by next fall you'll probably already be working.
  17. ya so economic centre of our country ... ya that's a have not province
  18. Actually, you don't, a corporation does. And it gives away that power to the US for a fraction of what they should be paying.
  19. What I like about Ontario's agriculture is that we grow stuff I actually enjoy buying and consuming.

    You know, versus the tons and tons of wheat you produce in the prairies because half-dead grass is the only thing that'll grow there.
  20. lol @ canada wars
  21. Still a full-time student. Doesn't pay as terribly as you'd think anymore, though.
  22. Well nice to see you again
  23. wut

    Manufacturing is the largest single sector in the Canadian economy. Bigger than oil and gas, bigger than mining or agriculture, bigger than retail, bigger than finance, healthcare, or education. Its like, 10% of Canada's economy, and constitutes as big a share of exports as oil and gas. Personal vehicles and heavy machinery dominate Canada's manufacturing industry, all centred around Lake Ontario. Manufacturing of aircraft and aircraft engines, trains, and electronics (all centred around Montreal) are all small fries.

    The Ontario manufacturing sector is bigger than its finance sector - despite every major bank, insurance company, and real estate trust in the country being based in Toronto, along with one of the largest stock exchanges on the planet.
  24. Hello

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