i love it

Discussion in '2002 Qvick Mini Cooper S3' started by 944turb0, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. Oh yeah! Sweetest Mini ever!
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    Definently, this car is the best Mini. I totally love it.
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    car must be fast as shit
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    Amazing, when I clicked on this I ddint expect to see a racing modified Mini with a spoiler, but damn I'm glad i have. I bet this car could smoke some cars with twice as much horsepower ( not all though, not all ). I wish this was on Gran Turismo 3, it would fit in nicely.
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    This would definately be a car to have at the tracks, are they making a road car or is it purely a race car?
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    I can only decide on sayings its interesting
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    shame abuot the lack of stats
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    This, simply put, is the sweetest #$%#ing mini, ever to be built, I'd would happily pay anything for these guys to build one for me
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    333hp in a mini!!!! That thing must be as fast as shit!!! It would be a death trap on wheels for an inexperienced driver, but i don't care, I want one.
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  12. this is AWESOME

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