I love living near Detroit

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Jay2002WS6, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. Here's why:
  2. I raced him, and I obviously killed him.
  3. nice, especially with the mirror shot
  4. I drove next to a Zonda c12s the other but the driver didnt wanna race.
    What the hell were driving a Z06? or Viper theres no way a Supra can beat a GT
  5. Are you that friggin dense?
  6. NO NO what type of car were you driving it looks like a Z06 or viper. was it either or nither.
  7. He drives a 2002 Trans Am WS-6 man.
  8. Trams Ams are bad ass i wish pontiac never replaced them with the GTO!
  9. They didn't "replace" them. They discontinued them.
  10. Awesome, I still have yet to see one outside the auto show here in NY. This area is better for seeing European cars.
  11. Your lucky, I got to see a real on though in Chicago (Not in the auto show). It was the nicest car i've seen so far.
  12. *Drool*
  13. Is that Telegraph?
  14. its soooo cool in yellow. your really lucky btw, i hope to see one!
  15. White with blue stripes is drfinetly the best. Classic American racing colors.
  16. I have the Beanstalk group 1:18 scale white with blue stripes.
  17. Yes... just north of I-696 all the way north to HIckory Grove.
  18. I got the yellow and blue stipes, not that detailed, when compared to my $110 dollar Lane Shelby GT350 model lol.
  19. the licence plate on the GT was blue, and if ya look at it closely, you can see the words "manufacturers licence plate" under the main part. so, that car belongs to ford.
  20. I have the same radar dectector. I almost moved to the Northville/Novi area a while back. It is pretty nice. I saw a couple of pre-production cars the last I was up there. Not sure exactly what they were though. Good find for driving around town.
  21. The GTO is good. But, imo, the concept GTO looks better than any Trans Am.
  22. Great place to see cars.
  23. The rear fender looks like its about to fly off?!!

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