I love these cars!!!

Discussion in '2002 Caterham Seven Superlight R300' started by natedogg36, May 1, 2003.

  1. Cars like these Caterham's and the Tiger Z100 Mk1. Awesome cars.mean acceleration and handling. I would love to drive one on a track or on the street.
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    i think that its sort of funny looking, but cool too, i gotta accept, will be a interesting experience drive one
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    If you like small speedsters, this is for you -- but really, I don't like this kinda car, and I don't think driving this would be anything special.
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    I'd have a blast driving this.
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    What are you on a bout this is one of the rawest and most exilarating cars that can have, this will truely show you what fast is.............
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    same here! they rule...they r sooooo much fun to drive. da wind blowing through ya hair...ahhh!

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