i love this car

Discussion in '1980 BMW M1' started by subarus4life, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. go to www2.dupontregistry for some more sweet pics of this car so anyone who likes these as much as i do check it out.
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    yay, uh huh?<!-- Signature -->
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    yea me too
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    I especcially like the front of this car.
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    There is another version of this car, i love it. It has a V12 and a lot of power. looks damn good and i like the style. hand in hand this car is also awesome and i love it
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    yeah this is my favorite Bimmer,and the only Bimmer I'd buy!
    Something about that midengine in it just makes it cooler than your average Bimmer you know?

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