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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Max Payne, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. This bike(or one nearly like it). 94 Yamaha Seca II XJ600. I just have no idea what I'd do with it this summer (possibly one of a few summers I'll be able to ride it before I sell it) when I move to indiana for work. I could tow it down, but thats a pain in the ass, and I also don't have my motorcycle endorsement yet, so I'd probably want to get that done in michigan FIRST so that its valid everywhere. Time is running short, however because I've got just under two weeks until I move...

    Damn it, nothing about buying it makes sense, but I really want to. I guess thats how I know its probably a bad idea.
  2. My roommate is buying almost the same bike tomorrow. Get it.
  3. My buddy just bought a ninja 250 yesterday, its his first bike and he says its ridiculuosly fast. I'd get something smaller if its your first.
  4. It would be my first bike, but its a good one for lots of reasons. Its not really a sport bike, more like a sport/tour crossover and it was NEVER intended to be a race replica so it won't be nearly as touchy as any of the newer 600s. In addition its a decently old bike with some miles on it and it also probably isn't running at its peak, so the power isn't as high as it used to be (which wasn't that high in the first place, 51 hp if memory serves).

    The one thing I do probably need to worry about is the fact that it IS an inline 4 and this means 2 things: its pretty wide and it has a lot of power in the upper revs. I can tell you though its no problem to keep it below and around 5-6k.

    I'd say its a hundred times better than a CBR or GSXR from the same era simply because it never had a full sport bike purpose.

    EDIT: Also the price is right and the paint is already rather weathered. Its been scraped, knicked, and dinged in many places so I wouldn't feel bad doing stupid stuff like dropping it while parking or knocking it over in a garage.
  5. u needa busa with turbos
  6. These are all exactly why you should buy this bike. You'll learn to ride on it, then resell it for close to what you paid in a few years.

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