i miss karma

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ibowdowntolambos, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. i miss karma because i used it to determine which threads were too shitty to waste my time clicking on (like this one). now many of you will waste your time coming to this thread when a few simple -1s could have warned you.
  2. my life is wasted after seeing this thread
  3. Karma was stupid, if you saw a thread with negative karma it could have absolutely nothing to do with the post in the thread.
  4. I hated it whenever a thread started with good intentions but some people would fight in it so it got a -1...
  5. You shouldnt be able to give karma after your first post has been made.
  6. i like that idea.
    there should be some sort of thread rating system on the forums.
  7. The system was abused. Look at all of Chevy's threads. Most of them were atleast +1, and they sucked my anus.
  8. Best thread ever. +1.
  9. Said King Karma Whore himself.
  10. I mostly looked into threads with + karma, and with - karma, but not into those with Neutral Karma....+1
  11. I am neutral about karma, dont care if it stays or goes...
  12. P996T can't complain anymore....I'm all for it.

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