I need penetration/lube advice

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  1. Other than "yes, do it"

    If any of this is conceived as humblebrag, it's unintentional. Anyway, in short, girl and I are very much into each other and I suspect it's something that has future too. We've known each other for a while now and it's great we can discuss everything, absolutely no exceptions.

    A little while ago, during one of our talks, she told me that things hurt, physically, it's size related. I didn't experience a form of pain myself. So a few days later I went to this erotica store where I was told to use a lubricant (gel) or try other positions that might feel more comfortable.

    Now it happens that I've never used lube in my life and I don't know how effective it really is. Now I know some of you have a considerable girth that tends to be pushed into rather small spaces (James!), so my question is whether I should give this a shot or not.

    Reason I ask this here is because it's full of men and I don't really want to bother my family/irlfriends with sexual issues.

    Also, is lube edible or do I poison the #$%# out of my partner afterwards if there happens to be oral sex? Either way, main concern is to not make things hurt anymore, because that's not what sex is about to me.
  2. C'mon baby, make it hurt so good.

    I'll admit I'm incredibly modest and uncreative, so anything beside 'hey you get on top this time' is beyond me, but somewhat relative to the OP is that my gf won a bag of sex toys/lube/etc at a bachelorette party a couple weeks ago. Neither of us has any idea how to even bring them up in conversation.

    Sorry I'm no help, but wanted to thank you for getting that song stuck in my head now.
  3. haha that's alright
  4. Get a water based lube, I've heard of some women having reactions to silicone based lubes.

    Is it edible? Most are, but they really don't taste that good, especially after they been flavored with your dick and both of your love juices. If even oral hurts for her, she needs to speak with her OB/GYN.
  5. Is it the only way that doesn't require surgery that could potentially relieve?

    edit: there's no oral issue
  6. This

    And maybe the girls just too dry also
  7. No, she's not too dry
  8. Wat, like dick reduction surgery? #largepenisproblems

    Seriously though is it a girth issue or length issue? Usually it is the latter, the vagina is only about 4" to 5" deep IIRC. Despite what you see in porn, for women it hurts when you try to slam every inch in, repeatedly. Couple that with vaginal lubrication issues and it will get very painful, very fast.
  9. I'm serious, it's a girth issue. There's no pleasure in it (for both of us) to ram myself in completely. Oh well, it doesn't hurt (I hope) to try.

    If there's any guy here with similar issues (mostly looking at the homo crew here) I'd like to hear from them how they deal with things.

    edit: the only question I have is whether lube reduces such pain. christ.
  10. Am I really so terribly unclear?
  11. Have you tried other "positions"?

  12. If she's wet enough, lube should have next to no effect.

    We had similar problems when my gf was still young and tight. I have loosened her up considerably during the past 10 years <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A> Good thing you aren't into azn girls... If I remember correctly based on that picture I saw years ago, you have a huge cock.

    The solution was to gradually loosen her vajayjay with dildos of different sizes, to get her very aroused with foreplay before intercourse and take things sloooowly. If it starts to hurt, just stop and stay still inside her while kissing and caressing her. When you reach the cervix, stay still for a while longer and be super gentle for the first n x 10^1 times.
  13. Hemistage should contribute to this thread.
  14. the lubes can work it all depends on positioning and the actual shape/dimentions of her vagina. changing position/lube could help it could not.
  15. There are also chemical (read:most effective) solutions. Rub vagina with papaverine and give her some alkyl nitrites, preferably amyl nitrate but that's hard to come by. Nitrites not in v, they cause chemical burns.
  16. Lubes are non-toxic. I wouldn't eat a whole tube of the stuff because you'll probably shit for days, but she can suck you off after you've slathered that #$%#er, no problem. As for the pain issue...take it slow. You might also let her take the top and lower herself onto your monster dong so that she can control the pace at which your Donkey Dong destroys her baby-maker.
  17. Girls on top can hurt them more if you're long as they need to use all their leg-strength to keep themselves from getting fully impaled, and when their legs are bent they don't have a lot of push. Unless you do that weird porno riding where the girl is has her feet flat and is kinda squatting over you. doggy style tends to be uncomfortable for girls too depending on the curvature of your manhood. I myself, having an upward curve, find girls have discomfort in doggy style with my penor jamming their back from inside. Works better if it's more of a laying down doggy style with a pillow under their hips. Anyway, you gotta find a position(s) that works for you, and I fully agree with Harka, if she already gets fully wet, lube might help a little on initial entry, but otherwise will have little effect.
  18. I've found that girl on top makes her tighter, because she's using those muscles to support herself. Doggy style with her chest on the bed and ass up seems to help open up those muscles and make things easier.
  19. Ive been a lube guy since the start, use it most times. Makes it better. Might help, might not... in either case it couldn't make it worse and no it won't poison her..
  20. It was stated as more of a girth problem than a length problem.
  21. Moo has plenty of both

    I vote for drugs! (I know Meuh doesn't like them but still...)
  22. i heard the ass is more flexible than a vaginny. maybe you should put it in her pooper
  23. Umm no

    Have you ever tried to poop a baby out of your ass?

    There is way more non-flexible membrane in the rectum
  24. Have you ever tried taking a cock up the ass. Your anal sphincter's a fighter...
  25. ew, why would you wanna do that

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