I need penetration/lube advice

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Apr 19, 2014.

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  4. What what, in the butt?
  5. i think as harka suggested, you might need to put a lot of effort into "stretching it out" a bit. I dunno how else to put it, but you will need to work on it quite a bit, baby steps. If she's super tight and it hurts her, i doubt lube will help that much (but it will def make a bit of a difference).

    but a vagina can stretch. Like, we've all seen girls with two fists in their ass. They couldn't do that on first try, it takes effort and lots of work.
  6. I've read the comments, thanks for thinking along guise, there'll be some stuff to try and/or talk about
  7. if ya can't fit it in there, tell her to find herself a chinaman while you find yourself a giant negresse with a gaping hole...

    Seriously though, I don't know how long it would take for her parts to acclimate to yours, or if that can really happen to such an extent. I feel like lube would mean she wouldn't want to finish it all off with a bj, which would be a shortcoming in my mind.
  8. I don't think extra lube is going to help because as everyone else mentioned, it just more of the same when she's already wet. The one way it could help, though, is if the pain causes her to tense up and be less aroused. Then maybe she gets less dry than when you started.

    Some possible causes:
    1. If you aren't having sex very frequently, it can hurt each time. Just like it can stretch out a bit, it also contracts back with disuse.
    2. Not enough foreplay. If you're so excited you jump right in, she may want it, but her body may not have had time to fully prepare. Those muscles need to relax up a bit and it may take longer than even she realizes.

    If neither of these are an issue, then I think stretching is your best option. But if you're having sex frequently, there could be another issue going on. It usually doesn't take very long to adapt to accommodate girth, maybe only a couple of weeks.
  9. Cause 1 is a plausible one, which also would give me/us hope things would sort themselves out over time, thanks
  10. Glad I could help! It's always nice when a thread comes up in an area where I have some expertise... such as vagina ownership.
  11. never had this problem so i can't help
  12. good contribution w00t
  13. Well now we know who has a small penis!
  14. yeah man just arouse her more just don't DIP IT IN
  15. Coconut oil as lube has dramatically changed the sex life of my wife and I for the better. It's amazing. Plus it smells great and I'd edible. Totally 100% safe and natural, plus it eventually just gets absorbed and leaves the skin soft.

    Do some googling about coconut oil as lube if you don't believe me. It's the best.
  16. Probably not good if you're using condoms though.
  17. Who the hell uses condoms?!

    Just kidding. I can't say for sure about how they work together, worth investigating, though.
  18. Latex condoms and nonpolar lubricants are generally considered a bad idea. Ask NB for details.
  19. Yo I just use coconut oil on my scalp/hair and skin and it makes it feel amazing and smells amazing. Tropical mon
  20. Ok, I'll be sure and ask him about condoms and lube.
  21. what else can we ask NB?
    I have some concerns about stuff
  22. Ask him about airport security.
  23. each time I get scanned my titanium bolts make the machine ring and its not supposed to
    so not sure what teh #$%# is going on ,had to remove my pants last time (true story)
  24. He'll come up with an answer.

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