I need pictures of White Murcielagos

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by AstonDB7, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. I am in love.
  2. I don't have photos, but I do agree that white is the absolute hottest color on a Murcielago. Someone post pictures quickly.
  3. i posted the pictures of the gallardos by fault
  4. I wanna see a full white carbon RGT
  5. i still prefer a black murcielago more
  6. white with lipstick red interior is the best
  7. exactly
  8. There was a white Murci at the LA Auto Show... Run a search.
  9. that red roadster looks horrible because of the seat's combination of colours
  10. Thats sexxxy
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    i think i took those white murcie with black background ones. if not, they are very similar to a couple I took, and they are available in my gallery (link in my sig) at 2048x1536. anyway, here are a couple pics RC...

    EDIT: yeh, they are the ones I took. http://supercarfreak.net/gallery/album327
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    lamborghini has many displays that look alike
  13. you must be kidding...it looks gorgeous imo and the combination of colors on the seat look awesome also
  14. thank youj for the pics guys..Keep them coming!
  15. lol it looks like an orio, i like mercielagos in tones best, white and black, but i hate the limegreens and what not..
  16. you hate the whole point of a lamborghini?! BLASPHEMY!
  17. you cant include colour as part of the rediculousness that lambo is, of course the styling and apearance are ment to poses the same extremeness of the performance, but i just think lime green make you unable to fully respect the design...lol my 2 cents

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