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  1. Hey guys i know i havent been here in a while but i've come up with a problem that i've been searching for an answer for for quite a while and i havent come up with anything, and i know some of you guys are pretty resourceful so maybe yall can help.

    I have an uncle(not really my unlce by him and my dad are really close) that went through a divorce several years ago. He had visitation rights for his kids but not any custody. Now his ex wife(crazy) has remarried and her new husband is trying to adopt the kids and cut him out of the kids lives forever. This might stand up in court because he didnt pay his child support for some months and he didnt balance his checkbook so when he did give her the money she just didnt cash them so it didnt go through. So now she is accusing him of not paying his child support for a full 14 months and trying to get him out of her childrens lives.

    Now i'll make something straight now that he is not by any means a dead beat dad. He loves his kids with all of his heart and he would do anything for them. He isnt an alchohalic or a druggy and he doesnt abuse them. He has a steady job and pays taxes and does everything he needs. He just happened to make a mistake and decide that if she wasnt gunna cash his child support he wasnt going to write the checks.

    So what i want to know is exactly what the law says in ohio about this and if not in ohio then anything that might be interesting for me to know. I would ask him this but quite frankly i think he is embarassed and doesnt like to talk about it.

    Any questions or comments would be great.
  2. Ohio? where at? I'll kidnap them for 80% of what he owes & make an even trade in Montana.
  3. call a lawyer? they're everywhere.
  4. I'm not at the point where i'm willing to spend money yet. Also i'm 17 years old.
  5. he's not.
  6. Your uncle should call a lawyer
  7. Hes not very willing to share information with me, or anyone. Everything i am getting is from people that know his ex wifes new husband. And they dont know much either.
  8. stay out of it. If he wants free legal advice, go to the nearest university and ask some keener law students.
  9. Okay apparently i should've made it clear that my uncle does have a lawyer and he has had one for quite some time now. This is just so i can understand things better.
  10. I just want to understand better. The whole thing is sort of a mystery and with someone that is this close to me and my family i would like to know a little better what he is facing.

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