I need this car in my life

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by lucky strike, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. is that a BMW????????//
  2. Kindly STFU
  3. A BMW Z3 M Roadster, why?
  4. It's pretty cool, but I'd much rather have the coupe version.
  5. no i meant "holy #$%# that car looks to sweet to be a bmw"
  6. Dude no use. These euroFAGs won't understand.
  7. stfu homo
  8. SMOEL
  10. Not really doing it for me, but it's nice as far as Z3s go.
  11. She's a looker.
  12. What's up with that ridiculous rollbar?
  13. oh my gawd, it might flip over!
  14. not bad! Wouldn't mind having a stock Z3 either
  15. I like that.
  16. Looking good apart from the roll-cage.
  17. z3 is a fairly ugly car......this one is probably one of the better ones ive seen.......but the z-bmws still suck.
  18. slayer prooved you right
  19. I like the wheels and the beefy exhaust.
  20. looks rely good
    i want it
  21. are you a hairdresser?
    be a man, and buy the M coupe
  22. Woah, post that avatar there buddy. plz.

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