i now believe in god because... HOLY SHOOT

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  1. we live in a dimension where time is indeed a constant. technically it is guaranteed that we will rich the year "infinit." if you understand the concept of an eternity well, then you must understand that by then, (considering the technology already in progress) everything will have occured. including any technology you can possibly imagine, even one that magnetechially(sp?) or something controles all atoms and electrons within the entire dimension. however, this technology cannot controle what has happened in the past because it cannot controle time. however, techinically, the year "negative infinit" has already occured. meaning that everything you can imagine, horrible or good, has already occured, including the creation of god. if you dont believe me... SHUT UP YOUR STUPID.
    i now think its foolish to say that we are at the point of infinit where god has not been created, because that is mathematically impossible. why? because the odds of being at that point in time are 1/infinit.

    or you could just turn off the electronics

    we are at a point in time where your karma can be.. ok ill just shut up cause god stuff always gets bad comments

    after knowing this i read the first few pages of the bible and realised that we are in hell... because heaven, which you will ultimately reach throughout an eternity and has goodness that humans cant really relate too(we relate to cars and video games and earthly things), does not exist here

    or does it

    yes it does?

    get it?

    either we are where heaven does not exist(hell), or we are
  2. good psot but i didnt read maek sure to make good psots liek this in new threads
  3. Everything will be okay once you grasp the meaning of the word "Nothing".
  4. You just proved you know absolutely nothing, and are retarded.
  5. did i forget to mention sc.net has claimed infinit as its turf
  6. This guy is clearly on shrooms/something similar.
  7. i think ur a very smart emember and u should psot more threads liek this
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  12. End of time =/= the point in time infinite. It would be the point "the end." This means that we are not guaranteed to reach "infinit(e)." Furthermore, time is not always a constant. It can be changed by gravity and speed as first theorized by Einstein. Time also needs mass and energy to exist, so rather than being an independant constant, it is a dependant varible on the energy and mass. This means that when the universe creation happened (the birth of energy and mass) came the start of time. When this is over at the end of the universe, mass and energy will cease to exist and time will end. God is independant of all and who knows where he came from.
  13. mc777 or w/e is in the sc.net mafia wether you like it or not

    claim your spot

    the sc.net mafia is very joinable all you need to do is put it in your signature. and maybe believe that doing good in our dimension is for you, depending on what you think the odds are of us being at that certain point in history.
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    the mafia is also dedicated to reaching this techonology and making sure heaven comes

  15. as we say: your speedlimit is 300 000 000 meters per second
  16. Do you mean because the universe has been around so long the odds of there being a god (no matter how unlikely) are infinite/1?
  17. Every time I read your post I get more confused. When you are writing a long thought provoking statement you cant have mispellings or grammar errors. Also, what I think you are saying doesnt make much sense. In infinity, every thing we imagine has already happened? I think you have watched Matrix 2 & 3 too many times my friend. I also dont see exactly this theory has to do with God. If somewhere in that explanation of your shroom trips, you were saying that God definitely exists, keep in mind that religion is something made up by some dudes who needed to justify existence and explain their world. They didnt realize that they were just a compilation of organic matter.
  18. religion is not necessarily somehting that was just made up by some dudes to justify existence and such. Theyre most definitely could be a huge amount of purpose in everything.

    And this is coming from a very devout agnostic.
  19. Delicious copypasta, by the way.
  20. If it is not understood, then GOD MUST EXIST!!!
  21. Delicious second account, FAGGOT.
  22. do you know the meaning of the word mafia. im doing biz with the begginers.
  23. Are you refering to its early definition from the early 19th century which doesn't apply in this case, or the nowadays definition, which doesn't apply either?
  24. this message was brought to you inpart by the authoritays.

    did we forget to mention turning off the ELECTRICITY

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