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Discussion in '1935 Lincoln Model K' started by Gamer55, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. And they rock they have a very quiet ride and its very smooth better than our Benz and it has plenty of space.
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    screw you man. you dont own 1! you would said somdin about it earlier! aint tryin to pick on or somdin but sell it and get a military issue
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    I didn't think ppl could buy a conept model....
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    lol..He's got a point..Unless u work for them ?
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    He probably has the civilan one, its around 40,000 so thats not a lot u know, i would be suprised if he did have one. i saw a hummer im not sure what model, but it had barly and space in the driver and fron passanger seat.
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    I hate H2 they bring a bad name to hummer and i don't believe you own one and a benz if you have that much money give us some
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    lol i agree with that
  8. if u guys hate h2's think of h3's ahaha..even wimmpier

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