I own One

Discussion in '1993 Isdera Commendatore 112i' started by Lamborghini Rockz, Aug 9, 2002.

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    <!-- Signature -->
  2. I own one of these and its REAL<!-- Signature -->
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    really, lucky u, so tell me, how's the handling, performance, audio, etc....... <!-- Signature -->
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    This is the only picture i have of it<!-- Signature -->
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    Sorry my pictures armt showing<!-- Signature -->
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    That's odd. You own one, but the only picture you have of it isn't showing up. That's funny. Loser.
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    you are a one rich, happy person with a good taste. otherwise a liar!
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    I'm going to report him.
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    1Supra1. what you gonna report?
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    Why are you in my face?

    My name is Arthur, and on Edmunds.com my nickname is Kriega B. Rollin. I have driven many cars before, and I am a regular reviewer on the site. I visit F.C. Kerbeck monthly, to check out their new Cadillacs and Rolls and Astons, and sometimes I get away with a test drive! This gives me many good experiences with automobiles, which explains my obsession

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    My name is Percival, and on Edmunds.com my nickname is Brocfkila A. Puffin. I have driven 30 billion cars this week, and I am the owner of teh site. I visit F.C Kerplunk monthly, to check out their new Caddilacs and Rolls's's and Aston's, and sometimes they call security cos I am a desperate loser!!! This gives me my very nice good happy experiences with horseless carriages, which explains my obsession!

    In regards to your signature you twat, how the #$%# would you know about either???

    You daft prick

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    can i get that job too!
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    Who the hell do you think you are?
    All those luvly long names mean shit to me.
    Get real AND A JOB pethetic person.
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    I already told you! I'm Percival K. Bieuntleigh-Trabbapak, aka Brocfkila A. Puffin.
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    Sure, and I'm David Bowie.
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    You own a Commendatore? Isn't it amazing when a person who earns enough money to buy a car worth half a million dollars -- USD!! -- who, because of their rich, spoiled lives, are much too busy to be browsing around an internet site talking about a car they could just as easily be driving at that moment, are able to browse around and internet site talking about a car they could be driving!!! You must either make close to a million bucks a year, in which case nobody like you would waste time on a web site, or you're LYING. I wish I had one too, but telling people you do won't make it true.
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    theese stats are veeeeeery old
    never ones are:
    (you can choose between a MB 6 or 6.9 litre engines)
    6.9ltr V12 620HP and the speed is a lil over 350kph (if i remembe correctly)
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    Alright, alright! Can we just get back to talking about the guy who is lieing about haveing this sweet car?
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    that really is funny, because if you have only one, and you own the car, then you would have to be rich. So, why don't you get your rich ass off your couch, go drive to the store, by another camera(with all the money you should have seeing as you can buy this car)and film. Then drive back and take another picture, it is not that hard.
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    i aint beliving this
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    #$%#in liar!!! oh and i use this car in nfs 2
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    hahahahaha percival!!! what kind of #$%#in #%$ r u?
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    Well, let's observe Murphy's Law; what just "happened" to him is an example of "bad luck," but hey, let's look at the law again: He probably intended to make enough money to buy the car, but he just... didn't! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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