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Discussion in '1990 Jaguar XJR-15' started by Lamborghini Rockz, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I have claim to own some of the rarest cars and Now I bought one of these.<!-- Signature -->
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    Here it is <!-- Signature -->
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    Alright, time to set it straight. Thanks to my ten year old cousin who is sitting next to me, this person is a kid. My cousin just told me the line you have in your signature happens to be from Catdog on Nickelodeon. Is it just me?<!-- Signature -->
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    Its from Spongebob And you cousin is a dumbass.<!-- Signature -->
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    There I changed the Signerture thing.<!-- Signature -->
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    Shut the hell up you lying bastard. If you wanaa prove you own this car, get a picture of it with you standing in front of it.<!-- Signature -->
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    Rippin' qoutes of of Nickelodeon? WHAT THE HELL????<!-- Signature -->
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    some ppl that come here do own some of these cars but i doubt he does if he is quoteing a kids show<!-- Signature -->
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    Imbicile, a complete dumbass, stupid, fool, the list goes on and on for people like you. You wouldn't know what driving one of these things is like even if you won the lottery, but of course you can't even play the lottery because in fact, you are just some kid who has nothing better to do.<!-- Signature -->
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    hahahaha. the ghettos of sc.net. havnt bothered to check it out for a while. but i see it still holds all the imbicils. idiots.<!-- Signature -->
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    well does't owning a how wheel version count as owning one? rofl
    simply an awesome production car
    0-60 in 3.1 secs. just awesome
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    Just Like You Never Owning A Porsche
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    Yeah, right! Well I have a McLaren F1 LM.
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    Yep, and I have Dauer 962 LeMans.
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    I just reserved a Maybach 62, with 19 kinds of leather!
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    "I have claim to own some of the rarest cars and Now I bought one of these." Quote

    Ummmm... No you don't!
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    (and I have a dodge stealth with a 1440BHP (wheels) @14400RPM, and it makes 1865lb-ft of torque at 8560RPM, with a redline of 16854RPM...
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    Hey, I used to have a Toyota Starlet. They're rare in England!

    Anyway, can anyone tell me about the XJR15 driving experience? I heard they had terrible handling... something to do with the engine being fitted too high in the chassis?
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    so i oe=wn the Audi R8
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    dont talk with your mouthfull master ryshu.
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    Does my knowing a guy that owns 4 Ferraris, 2 Lamborghinis, 2 Jaguars, a Maserati and 3 Porsches count for anything?

    No, he doesn't let me drive 'em, but it was pretty cool riding in his Testarossa and the thing bottomed out on a bump going 80 on a city street....no wonder my back hurts....
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    We actually have one in our shop I work for team lexus it's on sale on ebay right now. #20 of 20
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    This Lamborghini Rockz kid is a retard, he's been in several forums claiming to own cars, some of them not even foor sale. Get a life kid, hey mommies calling, I think it's nap-time.
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    yeah...spongebob squarepants rules!!!

    oh, by the way, i own a 1990 batmobile with a jet turbine...not...i wish i did tho...and so does lamborghinirocz about this car...

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    THats not even funny.

    If a #$%# like you bought this car it would take 100 grand of the value of every one like it just cause you have one.

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