I raced one of these in my Integra

Discussion in '1996 Ferrari F355 Spider' started by GTSB ALLSTAR, Aug 9, 2002.

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    i have a sweet video of a ferrari f355 racing a crazyass integra.. the integra took off and at about 100mph or so, the ferrari decided 2 race him, 3 seconds later.. the ferrari came flying by. i love this car a lot. i rented it in hawaii. it was worth the money. if anyone wants to know where i rented it, just pm me for details. it was so awesome. this thing is fast as hell, it feels and sounds like they stuck 3 hayabusa engines in the trunk. just beautiful. one day with this beauty, was something i will remember forever. one time i rode it on a 5 mile long proving ground.. and i didnt know i was going 170mph.. didnt feel like it at all. i would recommend this to anyone. just a beautiful car!
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    hahhahaha u actually think that supra coudl run 10 secs? Lol fool, even the GT-R in 2FSt2Furious only does 12.1. I think the supra in teh original would be lucky to pull a 13, its an NA model witha turbo added probablly a POS
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    You know no one cares because its still a supra? Just clearin out some ignorance. Ive driven Supras and GT-Rs and Ive also been lucky enough to drive a Ferrari or 2 and I can tell you, the only people that turn the heads when a Supra drives past are other Jap car owners etc. Ferrari will smash a Supra any day or night.
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    finally an honest person, i thought he was going to say "i raced this in my integra and i smoked it", i h8 people that think they can beat a mclaren f1 in a stock civic, i say this guy has some decency and is manly enough to admit that he lost, albeit to a much greater car.
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    Well it's really rediculus to say that F355 has a poor handling... I mean you obviously don't know what you're talking about right? Please stop posting such lame messages! "I trashed the car and my dad go me a Lambourghini countach" WTF??? How old r u, 14?
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    Are you Mitch?
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    The closest i have been to a 355 is by nearlly walking into it one night in my town, i had to touch it even though it was moving they are beautifull. Nicer that any supra skyline or muscle car which have been tweeked, in my opinion.
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    1. No, you did not own one of these back in high school, they're just too expensive, and no rich kid with a lambo would be discussing ferraris on a web forum, he would be racing it on the road.

    2. The car does not handle poorly, I'm pretty sure of it ... it's a ferrari for christ's sake, who do you think you're kidding ?

    3. why would anybody choose a lamborghini countach over a f355 spyder ? sure, it's a lot faster, but it's stripped off of all normal driver's commodities for loss of weight, plus, the passenger's place is sooo small, absolutely no space to stretch even a bit.

    4. Grow up, will you !
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    face it, you're a really bad liar, so don't even try it, because you're only making yourself look pathetic, as for the thing about the chick in the picture (that btw you're not showing) must be some model that you don't even dare dream about.
    and now go cry coz' you got told right here, and next time try saying something usefull on the forum, ok ?
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    This is funny, how old are these people?
  11. what a bunch of BS
  12. When I saw the title, I thought that it would be a story on how "my stock integra smoked a 355. but alas, a believable story!
  13. hell, I'd boast of just racing one. Nevermind that I'd lose, at least I can say that I raced one.

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