I really like the California.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Tipo F130A, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Well every test I've seen has pretty much loved it, as far as how it sounds, how the transmission works, how it drives... etc. However like a lot of people I wasn't totally sold on the looks. I never thought it was ugly either, just hard to get used to.

    However the other night I actually saw one on the street, at night in the rain, it was either Blue Pozzi or Blu Scozia, hard to tell at night, but it looked amazing just sitting there on the street covered in raindrops. I wasn't really paying attention to the cars as I was walking down the street, but I saw it out of the corner of my eye and it made me think "What is that? It looks special".

    I think one of the reasons the car doesn't come across that well in pictures is simply the viewing angle, and the scale, in pictures it sometimes looks like a large awkward car. In person you're looking down on it, it looks low and relatively compact, with a flowing profile.

    Surprisingly I even liked the vertically stacked exhausts, and I understand the styling choice now. I think the ones on the IS-F look bad. However on the California, they're designed to be seen even when looking at the car in profile, you can see both chrome tips directly from the side, without them having to stick out past the bodywork. It works.

    Since I didn't have a camera with me, I've made the car with the configurator to show what I saw, it didn't have the wheels I put on it, but those are my favorite ones because they remind me of the F50.
  2. I still don't like it. it just feels to soft and all of the design cues are just wrong.

    its basically Ferrari's Panamera. it just doesn't look right.
  3. I like the rear view more than the front view.
  4. It grew on me like _______
  5. loved it too when i saw it IRL
  6. This car definitely can grow on you, especially when you realize how fast it is.
  7. I saw it IRL and I still wasn't sold on the styling. That said, I must admit it looks quite good from those angles you posted.
  8. I drove one a few days ago. Just up and down a street but nonetheless it was real nice.
  9. Completely agreed.
  10. IMO it looks better than F430.
  11. Love it in any color.
  12. California >>>>>>>>>>> 458 .....
    The 458 looks hideous, specially for the 3 exhaust tip and the wheels.
    The california is a ferrari anyone could use as a daily driver .. like it
  13. the IRL sighting of this car can definitely change how you see it. its quite stunning, really.
  14. I don't like any California (based on looks), but this is not bad, not good and I would not buy one, but not bad (think it is cause it looks close to the 599 GTB which isn't bad either (a great improvement over the 550/575).
  15. the tips looks nice but just like the is-f, they are fake.
  16. I'm getting use to the design.
  17. exhaust gases still goes through them
  18. I didnt like it at first but since the day I saw a white one at Ferrari Of Quebec. I am in love with it.

    The car looks way better IRL than in pictures. It has so many details and curves.
  19. Looks great from that angle.
  20. goddamn, it does
  21. Recently I've been catching myself on thinking that somehow the Cali is managing to grow on me... but then I watched Clarkson's "Duel" up agains the DBS Volante and it was just laughable - fat, ugly, bloated in comparison.
  22. i like it better than the 458, thats for damn sure.
  23. Saw it in a parking lot and had some time to judge the looks. The front is awesome very reminiscent of the old days imo, rear is mega fail below the rear lights MEGA FAIL. Side profile has grown on me but the lines seem wrong. Overall pass grade.
  24. i really like the front end

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