i saw an elise today!

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  1. man it was the first i have ever seen. . . but from what i have heard they aren't street legal in America unless you buy one of the ones with the integra type r engine swap. . . well anyways. . .i was on the highway and this guy just flew past me. .he had to have been going about 100 since i was going eighty and he seemed to blast past me. . . you could tell he knew he was the pimp, and everyone else on the road knew it too. . . i was so shocked to see one i almost hit the guy in front of me . . who almost hit the guy in front of him and so on. . all becuase we saw that awe-inspiring car. . . it was quite the moment. . . i want one . . *sigh*<!-- Signature -->
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    Elise S1 or S2........what colour?<!-- Signature -->
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    it was bright yellow... besides that i dont know anything about it. . i bet it is the only lotus elise in Michigan though. . or at least the only one that is driven.<!-- Signature -->
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    Maybe you've stumbled upon the US spec Elise being tested<IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"><IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"><IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">.......highly unlikely but we can all dream !

    Was an Elise though?.......100% sure?<!-- Signature -->
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    oh without a doubt! It was definitely an Elise. if they were going to test they picked the right place. . i dunno if lotus is aphiliated with any of the American big three, but if they wanted to bring them to the U.S. for tests, then Michigan is the place... it was less than three or four miles from both Chrysler and GM's design complexes. . . but i doubt it. . i know that there is a business in the U.S. that swaps in an Integra Type R engine and makes it street legal. . most likely thats what it was. . . i will find the name of the company in a minute and post it when i find it. <!-- Signature -->
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    Lotus is affiliated with GM

    It is coming to North America next year (I believe)

    It will be most likely be powered by the Ecotec I4 that powers the Vauxhall VX220/Opel Speedster, and the Cavalier/Sunfire.

    I think that means 140hp?
    In a 700kg car?
    This pocket rocket will make dudes in their body-kitted poser Civics look like nerds.

    If they can tune that 2.2L I4 up to 200hp, it'll cook like few other cars on the road!!
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    I hope to see some here in the Silicon Valley. We get all sorts of exotics with all the dotcom people here.
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    Um - not quite - Lotus is not 'affiliated' to GM. GM used to have a majority ownership share of Lotus stock, but they sold that before the Elise was developed.

    Lotus Engineering Ltd developed the Ecotec 2.2l in-line 4 cylinder engine for GM, but Lotus Engineering are a consultancy business, and according to insider info, about 80% of the cars on Europe's roads have had some input from Lotus Engineering - but Lotus are restricted in publicising their involvement...

    The engine will most likely not be the Ecotec - Lotus really burned their bridges with GM over the whole Elise S2 launch and Vauxhall VX220 / Opel Speedster issue. They are seriously unlikely to get the lawyer to agree in time, and then there's the problem that the Ecotec won't fit the Lotus chassis. My bet is that the Toyota VVTi1.8 (190bhp) will be the one for the US, and all markets from 2003 when the existing K Series deal expires.

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    yeah, first time I saw one in person I took a picture! hahah, I was in england for work (I live in Canada, never seen one here) and it wasn't the last I saw!

    there was this really nice one at a dealership near where I was staying, it looked all raced out with the paint, and sponsors, and a huge spoiler.. fun stuff... they wouldn't let me test drive it!

    here's a pic my first lotus I saw:

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    I Saw an Elise s1 at an Auto show once,hehe
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    *ignores the elise and looks at the A6*

    Yeah,that elise sure looks nice(talking about the A6)
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    If you're so bent on getting rid of the "annoying members", why don't you start with yourself?
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    Elises are common near me in the UK, but then again so are porsches (hundreads), ferraris(3 in my town alone), Merc SLs (hundreads)you name it and we've got it.

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