I Saw One I a Car Show!

Discussion in '1966 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C' started by Operation Ivy 4 Life, Sep 5, 2002.

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    Sorry, I meant to specify that Shelby American installed all of the engines, not AC.
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    That's more accurate. Although Shelby didn't install the engines in cars for the AC team or the European market - not much point in sending the whole damn car across the Atlantic twice when the engine can go one-way! I'd always assumed that because the cars were built at AC the engines were fitted there as well, so cheers for setting me off on a huge research session. Shame I got hardly any sleep and got up late :)

    I also found pictures of cars with Shelby badges at the back and the Cobra roundel at the front. I assume Shelby American removed the AC badges from cars shipped to America and put on their own.
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    Oh, and excuse me if I get snappy sometimes. It's nice to discuss the Cobra with someone that knows some actual facts about it rather than the usual shagwits who just say "It's American" and then can't back it up at all. Happy driving :)
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    I saw an original one at the 2003 new york auto show next to the original gt500 mustang. Yes it was the first one they ever made and it was nicknamed eleanor (just like in gone in sixty seconds) when the owner started her upo and started revving it i though i was gonna shit myself.
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    What's up, there, Shelbymaniac? So, you know more than most ever will about Shelby's and Fords, huh? Well, I'm 23 yrs.-old and I'm always willing to learn more... But, just to make sure that you wouldn't be teaching me anything that's "less than accurate" let me ask you this:
    Why were GT 350's and GT 500's called "350's" and "500's" eventhough their displacements were only 289's and 428's (predominately)?

    Anyway, hit me up with the answer and teach me something I don't know. Sincerely, I'd love to talk Fords and Shelbys with you!

    Oh, by the way, my Dad's got several pretty cool Fords, too...

    1) 1965 Daytona Coupe Cobra 'The Campionship Coupe' CSX:2300
    2) 1965 427 Cobra 'Full Comp. Car' CSX:3017
    3) 1968 Ford GT40(No.10) 'Gulf Team Car' P/N#1074

    Not as many as your Dad, but still pretty cool.
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    Still you can't deny the fact that if it weren't for Shelby, the Cobra would never of evolved into the 425 hp beast it became in the late sixties. If he never even spoke to A/C, A/C would probably of sunk into oblivion like Austin Healy and a lot of other British sport car makers. Hell, it would never of even advanced past a BMC inline six cylinder. Shelby had done some work to the Cobra though. He, with Ford's help, had to redesign the car structurally inorder to be able to handle the stress that would be created from the Cobra 427 motor. The car is still A/C's but it wouldn't be what it is today without Shelby's help.
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    it still looks the same! i c these 4 sale all the time at an exotic car shop next 2 a gas station
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    Public exhibition of ignorance is not bliss. It is very annoying that so many of you actually respond to your fellow idiots questions with what you believe to be the facts. If you know how to read, look at what Superformance 460 has written. Better yet, is there a library in your trailer park? If you are interested in learning about cars, there are these things with pages, called books. Most of them have factual, or at least reasonably factual, information in them. If you don't know anything about cars, simply state your opinion. We all have opinions. But when someone asks a question that you don't have the answer to, don't confuse them more by posting your painfully obvious cerebral shortcomings. Know what I mean?
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    these are awsome cars some guy in my town has a blue one with white racing stripes, i think it is a kit car though... at the car show in the beggining of summer i saw about 8 of them but i am sure they were all kit cars, they didnt have enough eye candy to get my total attention... but what did was the guy that premered the dodge viper srt-10 on the speed channel and his viper.. he was there and so was the guy competing in the corvette about a block away.. it was great fun but nothing beat the old muscle cars doing smoke shows down the lakeshore strip at night time...
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    this car is so sweet, i saw one at a historic car show once, and i just fell in love

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