I saw one!

Discussion in '1985 Ferrari Testarossa' started by TurboPorsche, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. i saw one today, pulling out of a subway! lucky me! lol, it was red and all, sounded great, even if it was only going 5MPH through a parking lot.it sounded like it was going 105MPH
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    I've seen one going through an intersection. Silver, absolutly beauitful.
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    Ummm i have driven in one. At my my dads old hospital one of his parters hade one. Every year they had a drawing and who ever won got to keep it for a week. Well we won and drove it everyday that week. It is a beast even tho i was only 10 and didnt really know what i was in.
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    I saw one today! They are really sweet.
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    i saw one last week or so up an over pass near my home and it raced so gay r1cer and i tcould hear the ferrari over the fart-can the honda had on. it was red and nice. i also a hatchback kinda ferrari in a di-it-yourself car wash and supercars doesnt have the ferrari on here and its driving me NUTZ!!!!
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    You're lying. If that is your attitude towards the Testarossa then it is obvious that you're jealious of everyone who actually HAS seen or ridden in one. Just from what you said an educated person can use deductive logic to determine your friend does NOT have one and you're just bullshitting us for attention. Have a nice day.
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    u stole that avatar!!

    i saw a red one a few months back.
  8. where do u live? And how rich is your dad
  9. Well, TurboPorsche, it seems you really love German cars, just like me...
    I agree that Porsche is the best sports car ever, though it is not eyecatching like a Ferrari, but who cares as long as it is better,and kicks any car's ass?
    Porsche is my favorite car... IT'S GERMAN!!
  10. my neighbor has one. its sick. red and perfectly waxed and sounds so amazing.

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