I seriously could have #$%#ed myself tonight.

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  1. I wouldn't have come forward either. My friend was stabbed by a loud black dude in the neck in a full theater after saying, "thanks for ruining the movie, asshole" at the end of the film, to the guys face. Funny thing was, he was with his whole family, and he was a 40 something year old firefighter.
  2. WUT?
  3. Your friend was a 40 year old with his family, or the black dude was?
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  5. TimmyMcForgotHeWasntBehindAKeyboardLulz
  6. whata pussy. I stepped on some uppity asian broad's foot on saturday when i was going to the bathroom. She was with a bunch of bros but that really didn't bother me.
    I'm sorry. -me
    Yea that was my foot. -her
    I said I was sorry. -me
    Well you should be more careful. -her
    Well you should consider smaller feet. -me

    Then all her bro friends surrounding her laughed at her because she was embarrassed and they bought me a beer and I pissed on her instead of going to the restroom.
  7. Hahaha.
  8. I love you.
  9. How come you always hear these stories coming out of America of arseholes talking through the WHOLE film. I have never in my life experienced that. And if there is someone continuously talking, you can guarantee that someone will tell them to shut up within 5 mins and they'll keep it shut for the rest of the film.
  10. I was at a movie a couple weeks ago and a 40-something guy 1 row behind me whipped out his phone in the middle of it and started talking to somebody. This lasted about 45 seconds until I stood up, turned around and said "Is this your first time in a movie theater, young man?"

    He says, "Um, no?"

    I say. "Oh, then you KNOW you're being a jackass"

    "Excuse me?"

    "You're 40, at LEAST, and you're on your phone in the middle of a sold out movie theater. Do I need to explain this to you?"

    He closed his phone and STFU. Everybody clapped.
  12. this didnt happen
  13. HOTASS mum photos and we'll listen.
  15. This picture exists for a reason.
  16. it did. he was an homo
  17. you're a liar. its obvious because you dated an opera singer who are also liars.


    pix of mum for backup ryan k? plz?
  18. I would have fought the guy. He might have beat me up, but maybe not.

  19. lol srsly. I hate internet stories
  20. Interestingly enough some jackass was making sound effect noises during dark knight when I saw it today. About 5 separate people told him to shut up at which point he was escorted out of the theatre by a staff memeber (probably the only big black guy in the lower mainland).

    Upon reflecting on it, this story sucks.
  21. this is the reason i carry a knife.
  22. am dating opera singer.

    not fraud.

    pics of mum nao.
  23. Hard. What happens if nigs has a gun?
  24. they cant shoot. I mean cmon, they even hold the gun wrong.

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