I seriously do not know what the #$%# i'm doing

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. i actually still don't have a plan really. never had one.

    just going along for the ride. i'm a day to day person.
  2. Education is a waste of neither time nor money, regardless of whether or not it furthers a career goal.
  3. I had I plan up until I was 16 ish, then all hell broke loose in my life and I swear if i wrote a book and expressed what hapenned well enought it would be a best seller.

    Nowdays I just try to make enough money to live confortably and survice this crazy #$%#ing world we live in!(as in, be able to enjoy a nice trip with my family, have a comfortable-ish home).

    In the end what #$%#s the world up is money, because you are faced with doing what you love and risk not making a dime and living a shitty live.(please tell me how people pursue their dreams when they dont have money for a bus ticket?)

    I am at point in my life where I just want to make enough money(not so much) so I can sleep at night without wondering if I am gonna be a broke loser. After I have a stable income I will start focusing on directing my life towards what I want it to be like.

    One thing I learned it that being irresponsible(and the things that go along with it) are plain stupid and take you nowhere.

    Sure, getting drunk is great but its bad for your wallet, bad for your body and just slows you down the next day when you could of put great effort into doing something. Thats my reason to stop drinking at all. Maybe a beer here or there. But even then I feel weird.
  4. I stand corrected.
  5. Passion will you get you farther and faster than formal education ever will. School is for suckaz.
  6. Also this. Drinking has that "boiling a frog" effect of how it depresses your world perspective.
  7. amen

    but I didn't feel that way when I was in school , I was thinking like uggh all these bullshit testing techniques in no way reflect what I want to do.

    but the co-op in the program (engineering) got me into a company that wanted me to work with their computer systems since that was more my interest. Now I have carved out a nice niche of what I do and it has nothing to do with mech eng , but I could not have got where I am without taking that path.
  8. Im in the no life plan group. I am going to school getting a chemistry degree, but have no clue what Im going to do when I graduate. Whatever happens happens.
  9. ill be the jesse to your mr white if you're down
  10. Depending on what you do, it's passion that drives you to formal education and success therein. No one gets PhDs in the STEM fields without it. In the end, though, I agree; it is the passion that drives you, not the education.
  11. passion and hard work is nice and all and could've gotten you the best jobs in the field back in the days, but now you definately need a degree of some sort.

    my dad is one of those examples. didn't have any degree of any kind, is now a rich dad apparently.
  12. I've now done 5 very different things since I've left school. I love what I'm doing now and could do it for another 10 years (prolly unlikely) but things may change and it won't bother me.
  13. Well yah. If you're passionate about being an academic then you need to go into academia.
  14. I guess what helps for me is that I'm pretty open to whatever. I'm also getting a minor in japanese, and did a study abroad there over the summer. More employment options are never a bad thing.
  15. i'm blundering my way through an engineering degree. whatever happens, at least i will have a degree, intelligence and charm to "fall back on" should any and all of my other potential endeavors not work out.
  16. nothing has changed since back in the day
  17. A lot had changed. Try to get a de cent position within a company without a relevant degree
  18. nepotism
  19. Depends on the company, there's plenty of opportunities for people without degrees, and they're likely to be earning more too. Specialized positions, sure, you need a degree. Even a degree may be worthless, you'll need a Masters. Not necessary to become a real richdad tho, for that you may need some different qualities, and some common sense.
  20. Side question - how are so many people still in school on here? When I started posting in seventh grade, it seemed like everyone was in university. I'm now a third year undergrad, and most people are still in university.
  21. It also gives you a good base of general knowledge.
  22. lmao...borderline
    nothing borderline about daily drinking and relying on it heavily to cope with emotions
    getting a pass because "college" is a bullshit excuse
  23. why is that an "extremely idealistic rationale"? i know tons of people who do it. you make enough to get by and concentrate on what makes you happy.

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