I smell MC12 design

Discussion in '2009 MCA ALA 50' started by Fletzu, May 12, 2008.

  1. I say yes the whole front looks like the mc12
  2. only the headlights, the nose is actually more saleen S7 if you look at it closely
  3. Chapparal 2J with more rounded design?
  4. Neither the lights or the nose looks like MC12, IMO..
  5. Not the best looking car but there's something about it that makes you say....maybe it will be fast
  6. the lights remind me of it, because of the white and blue and because they're (still) open.. and the rear lights a little too ...that's pretty much it.
  7. yea, theres not that much mc12 to it, its just ugly. They should build the Centenaire.
  8. It looks more like a Group C race car than a MC12. The wheel covers and the rear end, if it had a wing it would look sort of like a Jaguar XJR-9...but much uglier
  9. it actually looks alot like that one white ferrari race car, but the name escapes me. at least i think it was a ferrari. it looked alot like an mc12 but from the 80s, i feel like the name arrow was in it or something
  10. I clicked on the picture thinking it was a special MC12.
  11. yes, it does look like an MC12.
    but what is wrong with that.
    the MC12 was one of the best road/race cars ever built!

    the more aerodynamic the better....fool.
  12. of course it will be fast you fool.
    its like a wafer thin blade in a wind tunnel.
  14. Yes, but the MC12 was never the best looking car was it
  15. Yes, but the MC12 was never the best looking car was it

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