I SOLD the CHEVELLE within 24 hrs

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by arnulfoes, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. So this guy own a local tire shop. walks in and asks about the car. he was trying to get a low ball on it 13K but noup I sold It for 15.5.
    The guy was very happy of course as many mentioned is not an original SS engine but the sheet is.
    Good credit though he got financed by state farm
  2. The previous owner could have sold it for 17k easily instead of trading it to your dealership. Most probably you gave the previous owner only 11k for it, maybe 12k.

    He lost 5 grand.

    Lesson learn people: Never EVER trade in your car to a dealership, sell it and keep the profit to yourself instead of giving it to a dealership.
  3. actually trade it into a Mercedes dealer. they don't check shit.
  4. yeah but sometimes its just easier to trade in if you have a piece of shit you need rid of and arent a poor
  5. You already made a thread.

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