I SPIT on your "Masterpiece"

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    Right, I understand WHY the truck one; the point was the ignorant S2000 owner didn't understand why he got beat by a 35-year-old, 5000-lb beater truck.

    I couldn't find the Firehawk's road test, sorry:


    Here's the 2002 SLP Camaro's track test (almost 13 seconds FLAT). MSRP $33,500. I think the Firehawk is more, but has a better Bilstein shock setup and is rated at more horses. How much was that M3 again...

    In my opinion, a badass Firebird is more my style than a cheasy M3 Coupe. The bird's faster, has more leg room (important when you're 6'3"), and in my opinion, better looking. And since it can take a freeway exit at 80 (remember that trick?), it seems to handle fine to me.
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    M3 is 343hp/269lbft, 1495kg

    im 6'1" and a normal 3-series is ok for me

    have u SEEN a metallic yellow M3 on the optional 19in rims?...sweet as hell, its there-or-there-abouts with the firehawk in a straight line, probably more fun to drive fast, i'd probably buy it for the sound it makes when u shut the door alone. Its basically crudeness versus sophistication, i'd usually go for the latter.
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    I wouldn't say that the Firebird is crude. In fact it is quite sophisticated compared to some that were produced in the past. I am in love with the new trans ams. You can't touch that ram air hood. Although the M3 is a beautiful sports car, maybe if i sell enough lemonaide....
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    I was cruising in the rain tonight in my black '79 TA, listening to the soft rumble of the 455-cube Big Block as it carried the 4600-lb frame at 40mph purring out 1900 rpm... felt the bumps in the road through a stiff suspenion and gently-lifted rear end... got on the gas just a little around a bend to feel a little bit of tail slide... turned up my new 200-watt Pioneer DEH-3400 deck... watching the rain gleam off the polished hood scoop...

    You can call it crude, unsophisticated, or just plain ugly for all I care; I'd take the Trans Am any day of the week.

    By "how much," incidently, I was once again refering to the price tag of the M3.
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    Brown Doggie,
    I prefer the NSX and M5 to the S2000 and 540i that I own. I prefer all of these vehicles to the M3 which I believe to be a damn good car. I've owned a couple of lexus models (LS 400 and SC400) in the past, as well as the Mustang 5.0. With the exception of the Mustang scrap, I feel that any one of these cars is a better all around choice than the Firehawk. Yeah its got lots of power for the dollar (not necessarily bang for the buck). It has more interior room than the M3 (maybe too much for a "sports car" if thats what you wan't to call it). Can't really agree with you that it looks better (but hey whatever turns you on). So all in all I'll just refer to it as a lemon in the ongoing apple and orange comparisons that keep being repeated over and over in these forums, never mind in an S2000 forum.
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    Bike Boy,
    If you have a problem with the postings I've made, why not address me directly rather than posting this kind of suckhole shit! I'm not overly impressed with what your crotch buster can do against a bunch of 4-wheeled vehicles. Why not take your Yamaha to a bike site where it belongs. You can always e-mail Chicane if you require any intelligent information to forward to other 2-wheelers.

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    One would hope that the Firebird has surpassed it's predecessors. It's still unsophisticated but then some people like it that way. If you're having doubts, by all means set up more lemonade stands, hire more staff, and go for the M3. Apples, oranges and lemons spoken here.

    Seriously though, its good to see you've made your point clearly and concisely.
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    No Chrome and Plastic - How does a faster, less expensive car with more interior room because "unsophosticated" compared to the M3? Because it costs less? Honestly, I wouldn't care if you prefered a Geo Metro to the Firehawk, that doesn't change what it is, a fast, nimble performance machine.

    How about discussing the automobiles and trying to have an intelligent conversation instead of attempting to slander everyone's justification for posting on this site? I'd like to speak the minds of all of us when I say, "shut the #$%# up or talk about the #$%#ing CARS, moron."
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    Getting back on topic, how about we DO talk about the S2000 for a minute... as in how the SLP-performance package GM F-bodies smoke the S2000 for approximately the same amount of doe. Personal oppinion asside, a standard SS Camaro runs $5,000 under the S2000's MSRP and runs a solid second faster. This IS a supercar site, why would I buy the slower S2000?
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    looks (IMO), build quality, worlds best gearbox, a rev counter redlined at 9k (hey it just looks good) and the fact that a 14.1 1/4 aint bad in my book

    my money would go on a Mazda RX8 tho, i dont care what anyone says, wankel engine + suicide doors = goodness...u can keep your crappy 12 second Cobras
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    Funny, because besides the German-designed rotary engine, both the RX8 and the "crappy" Cobra are Ford.

    World's best gear box? Highly debateable. What makes it better than a TCI, a Richmond, a Muncie, or even a Getrag?? My friend's SLP Camaro could chirp the tires in all six gears, what's better than that?
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    Good plan... Everything ends up in the S2000 (orange)forums. Now it's a standard SS Camaro that runs a second faster than the S2000. I'll pay 5K more and run a second slower.

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    I think I will take your advice and expand.
    Now can we get back to the topic at hand: the lemons?
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    i was referring to the Cobra as crappy because it isnt an RX8, basically. I of course have nothing against Ford, i know they own Mazda, doesnt make it a ford though. I wouldnt be too bothered who made the RX8, it is what it is, an amazing car.

    ive no idea what makes the S2Ks gearbox so good, but in every article ive ever read about it, the tester always comments on what an amazing gearbox and shifter it has. Id say Audis new DCM gearbox would take quite some beating though - selects two gears at once, holds the next one with a second clutch so that when u change up, its already engaged....voila, zero power delay
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    Good Idea, pay more and go slower. You got it.

    Whoa, there's a difference between a superior SHIFTING MECHANISM and the gearbox. I've got a B&M "Megashifter" ratcheting shifter on my Mustang... rock-hard 80lb shifts every time, but it woudn't make my car run any quicker if I didn't also have a TCI-prepped C-4 automatic with a stage-3 shift kit. That other gearbox sounded interesting, though... Audi, was it?

    What I misunderstood about your comment was that the RX-8 looked better than the Ford, when Ford designed the RX-8's body, but I understand now you were speaking merely of the Cobra itself.
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    RX8 is more expensive and slower than a Cobra?...yeh but its a ROTARY!! and its got SUICIDE DOORS!!....we have a winner

    The DCM will be available on the '03 TT with the new V6 engine, and also on the Bugatti Veyron, this time with 7 gears.

    RX8 designed by Ford?...surely not, its very S2000/IS300/Attenza looking, im sure i read the designer was japanese.
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    In this context, the word sophisticated refers to technological refinement (but the you knew that, right?) - not speed per se, or interior room. Technological refinements: engine management; power delivery; braking systems; ergonomics; etc. are more than evident in the M3 but not so evident in the Firehawk. If you believe the Firehawk to be a nimble handling vehicle you need to drive the M3 as well as some other cars (perhaps an S2000 since we're in the S2000 forum). The Firehawk may grip well but it's far from being nimble by todays standards.

    Sophistication has it's price. Perhaps an obvious statement, but if you feel the less expensive, marginally faster Firehawk is more refined and sophisticated than the M3 you need to rethink your position or at least put more thought into posts that go beyond the HP rating of this car and that car. The "Bang for the Buck" cliche used over and over by journalists in the '80's to sing the performance praises of the 5.0-Liter engine in the Mustang LX and GT doesn't work too well anymore. Today, a lot of people expect more out of the cars they buy than a big push rod engine with poorly delivered HP and torque. So please don't go using "BFTB" to defend the Firehawk. This car will never measure up to the M3 as an all around high performance vehicle.

    The M3, as someone on this site once pointed out, is not available to the great unwashed. Funny stuff I think, but true. I'll stick with my S2000 and 540i. They're great cars. I'd like an NSX and an M5 but they are too expensive for me.

    Now, about your second paragraph. If you feel I am "slandering" your "justifications" (opinion(s) would have been a better word here), I really can't do much about that. Just grab your toys and get out of the sandbox. If you feel I am "slandering" everyone's opinion, don't be overly concerned. If they've got something to say they'll get back to me. I really get a kick out of your postings where you list a number of member's names then proceed to tell them things like...that's what I like about you, you're never afraid to admit you're wrong. Then you proceed down the list to challenge somebody who failed to agree with you. Statements like "I'd like to speak the minds of All OF US when I say, "shut the #$%# up or talk about the #$%#ing CARS, moron." would indicate you are at least a little insecure. RELAX! Buy the Firehawk or whatever else you wan't and enjoy.

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    thats fine by me, like i said im a fan of Ford - GT90 is my dreamcar - but the RX8 was still mechanically designed and built by Mazda, and no matter who its designed by, its still the coolest car of this century
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    My truck has a V8 (Iron LS1 block), suicide doors, more horsepower, more torque, and can haul a ton in the back. It has sleak styling and nice bowtie for added beauty. But as you might have guessed its not Lemon yellow, its actually black. It probably costs the same as an RX8 or is cheaper. Although not quite stock, I am confident that I could out run an RX8 in a drag race. Of course the Cobra is a lso a good alternative. If you cut out the B pillar does it count?
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    your Silverado can run mid 14s can it?
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    The Silverado is a great looking truck. It may not do a 14 second quarter. But then an RX8 can't haul a ton of lemons in the back.
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    For the last time, stick to the damn cars, I've been called "insecure" on these posts before and for some reason, it just doesn't seem to bother me.

    Ever read an article comparing the Firehawk and the M3? Becuase I haven't, and untile you point one out, saying the M3 is so much more "sophisticated" and that it has better brakes and road-handling capabilities is merely conjecture on your part.

    What was it you were saying about the "pushrod V-8's inability to apply horsepower to the road?" Funny, pushrod V-8's have applied more horsepower to the road than anything Japan or Europe have ever come out with...

    Definately don't want a Firehawk, not my style; how about we talk about the Z06 instead, compare it to the S2000. What, unfair? Not comparable? Why, because it's also a 2-seat sports car? That's fair. I suppose the Z06 is probably "unsophisticated" compared to the S2000. Maybe the leaf-spring suspension and pushrod V-8 aren't what make the Z06 a faster, better-handling, tighter cornering machine. I've got a word for you - "faster."

    We're back on the S2000 topic, happy? Becuase to me, launching at 8000 rpm and shifting at 8300 to get a mesely 6-second 0-60 time is hardly what I'd consider... "sophisticated?"
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    Hey I don't agree with fanboys of imports or domestics that make cars out to be more then they are. But I think the reason why people are calling you insecure is because they're grouping you in(maybe unfairly) with those idiots that belive the only thing in a car that matters is 0-60 times. The kind of people I have been around that refuse to acknowledge the worth of another car just because the 0-60 time is one tenth of a second slower then another are what I'd classify as insecure. We can compare the S2000 and Corvette, fine. The Corvette is faster, fine. But the S2000 is also $10,000 cheaper and gives up over a hundred horsepower, plus 4 cylinders. I just can't stand the people that continue to dog on a car just because it's not a Vette or a Ferrari. The Vette is not unsophisticated. It uses technology that has been refined over the years, plus newer concepts. It offers alot of bang for the buck. But not everyone can afford one. And even for those who can, not everyone wants one either because horsepower and track numbers aren't all that matter. It's all about feel and how comfortable they feel in the car. Maybe the S2000 isn't for you, fine. But for the last time, the car wasn't made to be a muscle car and you don't need to rev it to 8000 rpm to have fun. Owners of the S2000 bought the car because it was a unique driving experience that no other car on the market provides in it's price range. Let's just leave it at that.
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    Very well said.

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