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    Yes, quite well said, but it doesn't help the S2000 arguement any, and according to Motor Trend, you DO have to rev it to 8000 RPM to have fun.
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    Motor Trend can talk all they want but it's just one publication. Maybe I'll start up a biased car magazine too and say the Corvette is an overpriced piece of junk that broke down last week and the only time I had fun is when I stomped on the gas but it took me 11 seconds to get up to 60 mph. But since I'm a respected magazine, I don't have to tell them I'm biased and I probably forgot to shift into second gear! There's plenty of other car mags that have gotten good times out of the S2000 without getting it to 8000 rpm and in far less then 11 seconds. If you want to live and die by Motor Trend, that's your deal, but as for me I'd rather stick with the not so one-sided mags like Road and Track and Car and Driver and Autoweek.
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    Well said.

    Actually my silverado is coming close to mid 14s, after it is stroked I am confident it will (even with the lemons in back).
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    This car is nasty slow ugly overpriced I would rather drive a station wagon.
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    Car and Driver, Vol. 44 No. 7, page 94 (test drive of Honda S2000, talking about the VTEC system)

    "As a result, the engine makes 151 lb-ft at 7500. Hammer the throttle at anything less than 6000 RPM and watch the revs light up to 9000 and start flashing."

    Car and Driver also noted that the driveline shakes and rattles if you touch the gas below 1500 rpm. Overall, they very much liked the car, as did Motor Trend, but was very careful in noting the vehicle's rev-happy nature.

    Need I go on?
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    err....the S2000 makes 153lb/ft ot torque.
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    It also makes 240 horsepower, 10 less than what Supercars states it at. Each publication is a little different, Honda says 153 lbft, Car and Driver dynoed it and got 151 at 7500 RPM.
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    in japan, it makes 250ps. Oh, dynoed, that's different.
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    I think he men an engine dyno. I.E. at the CRANK, not at the wheels.
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    What's wrong with a "rev-happy nature"? F1 cars are "rev-happy" but would you even dare to say there's anything wrong with their performance?
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    Obviously there's nothing wrong with the "rev-happy" Formula 1 cars, but they make 1400 horsepower and 900 lbft compared to 240 and 153. For a STREET DRIVEN CAR like the S2000, there definately is something VERY wrong with having to launch at 8000 RPM to achieve a 6 second 0-60 time.
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    No, F-cars make 300lb/ft of torque and 800hp.
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    And a top fueler has a torque happy nature and makes over 1600hp. They seem to do ok, less than 5 seconds to over 300 miles an hour isn't bad from a wasteful v8.
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    Mid 80s Turbo F1 cars produced the figures mentioned above

    Crappy modern-day cars have about 850hp and 280lbft, and yes i will say something bad about their performance, it sucks. Theyre slower than a 100,000 pound Hillclimb car in acceleration and slower than a 12yr old Diablo in top speed.

    The weight of a driver and a full tank of fuel will totally kill the performance of an F1 car because it just doesnt have the pulling power (torque) to get anywhere. In this instance an LMP900 or an old Group C sportscar would be better.

    This is a problem in S2000s aswell, you'll spend so much time changing gear trying to keep the thing moving that something like a 260hp Mustang GT will just pull away into the distance.

    theres no replacement for TORQUE
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    Amen, Chicane, Amen.

    That "over 1600 horsepower" figure is a bit underrated, I'm sure you meant "over 6000 horsepower."
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    hmmm... a normal F-1 car does 0-60mph in 2.3 sec and depends on the gear ratio, it can achieve top speed of 240+mph.

    According to the Formula 1 offical rules. Each car must weigh at least, 1500lbs (i believe), and that's including the driver. For the fuel part, it's all about the team stragtegy.

    The S2000 is for driving fun, but yes, one may think chaning teh gear all teh time is tiring, but one may say it's really fun. This is just a matter of opinion.

    Torque is important, i agree, but rpm is also important. When u only have torque at low rpm, the car can do a burnout, but won't be very fast. u want torque at all rpm.
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    Sorry I was 'under the influence'.
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    an F1 car may be able to do 0-60 in 2.3, but thats with traction control and sticky rubber. The Can-Am Porsche in my sig managed 0-60 in 2.1 back in '73, with no traction control and comparatively crap old tyres. It also did 0-125mph in 5.3 on the way to a 1/4mile in the mid-8s, 30 years ago.

    An F1 car wouldnt do 240mph if u threw it out of an aeroplane, on max downforce setting its top speed is about 195 no matter what the gearing is, on minimum downforce it might be able to do 225mph on a good day, no more. That old Porsche AVERAGED 221mph around Talladega back in the day, peaking at over 250.

    Changing gear all the time might be fun when uve got a nice sounding engine like the S2000, but u still get beat by Mustangs who just sit in 4th gear.
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    A F-1 car is all about balance, not just pure speed. It has great handling that the porshce cannot match.

    this site talks about a f-1 car doing 240mph.

    Again, S2000 wasn't made to compete with Mustang, it was made to compete with Audi TT, BMW Z3 and porsche boxster.
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    that site quotes an engineer making an exaggerated point about safety.

    Peak speeds at the end of the main straight at Monza were about 223mph in qualifying.

    You can have your nice handling F1 car, i'd rather feel a thump in the back from over 1000lbft of full-boost torque, wheels spinning madly in every gear

    i know the S2000 wasnt designed with the Mustang in mind, i know that its faster than all its true rivals. I was making a comparison between the theories of big torque V8 against high-revving 4cyl
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    Yea, 223mph at monza, but monza doesn't have many long straight roads. Does it?

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    Of course the S2000 is faster than it's "rivals" - Honda isn't going to claim it "rivals" a car that is obviously faster than it is. But the purchaser of a Cobra has the same intent the buyer of an S2000 has in mind - a good looking, fast, babe-attracting car, and when the two pull up next to each other at a light with hot girls looking on, believe me, they quickly become each other's worst enemy.

    Silverado - understandable. Don't drink and drag race.

    Chicane - I had no idea that Can-Am Porsche existed. Fascinating.
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    Monza has no straights?...other than the 3/4mile main straight, which u enter at 140mph off the final turn. Dont u think a 900hp missile would be able to hit its top speed after 1200m with a 140mph "run-up" ?

    rhetorical question, F1s drag-induced max is 223mph

    BrownDoggie that Porsche was raced in 1973 by Mark Donohue and won the title (and every race, i think) with Blue & Yellow Sunoco sponsoring, ive got a nice $140 model of it on my shelf <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    fastest racing car ever built, about 1600hp in qualifying, still holds that record at Talladega i do believe

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    "Monza has no straights?...other than the 3/4mile main straight, which u enter at 140mph off the final turn. Dont u think a 900hp missile would be able to hit its top speed after 1200m with a 140mph "run-up" ?"

    No need to be sarcastic, he wasn't sure, he asked for confirmation whether it does.
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    This car has great launching considering it has 150ft/lbs of torque. Think about it, it comes with Potenza S02's, you can launch at 7000RPM and the thing just #$%#ing sticks to the ground, you don't feel the power of a "torquey" engine but believe me this thing can get to V-TEC engagement in a hurry. The RPM's climb quick, and then you start to really go.

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