I STILL don't like it.

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by Iron Heart, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. When Enzo first came out I thought I'd give it some time, let it grow on me may be. Well, turns out I still can't stand the looks of it. It looks so ugly and stupid, gah, I can't watch...

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    I STILL don't like it.

    Opinions are like as*holes, everyone has them. All I can say is just about EVERYONE would disagree with you, including myself. I LOVE it. I hope you have seen one in person, otherwise that statement is a joke because pictures DO NOT do this awesome car any justice!!!!
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    I don't mean to be an ass to those who like it, but it just pains me to look at the car. What can you like about it.

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    I can't see what you couldn't. It is a awesome machine PERIOD. Just read around and you will see!
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    I think that u gotta see a car in person be4 u can diss or rave about it, at first i didnt like the enzo but now i think that its pretty cool
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    I think the enzo's problem is that it has a bipolar design. No one can be so-so on its looks, but you can't help but admire the functional brutality and the presence this car commands. I'm mostly grateful that the car looks nothing like the CGI pic that was shown in a car and driver issue. That thing was a crime against humanity.
    Anyway, this car looks alot better than the aukward F50.

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    The car sure does have some presence, there was one in New York, you couldn't get within 10 feet of it! It looks SO GOOD!
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    Yes, soemthing that makes me really mad, there was gonna be one at the Ferrari Show that i was at, but the guy that was gonna bring it in, his car was still being ordered and they didn't ship it when they said so it wouldnt make it in time...that sucked
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    i agree with you. even seeing a black one in persone, siting in it, feeling it...i still hate the mother#$%#er. its just UGLY.
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    that sucks

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