i think i decided on my next car

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  1. some 90's viper off ebay. i could probobly get one from an american for 40 000 USD and that would be awesome. im thinking a gts. thats probobly in like 4 years.
  2. then you should LS1 it. And make it AWD. Then Nos. Maybe a buddy club body kit on it. Under car Neons. Sparco racing seats. APC tail lights. 3 Pink Fuzzy Dice. Then run 3's in the Q.
  3. No you wont
  4. That's some hardcore shit. I'd be scared to drive.
  5. toniferrari = raca4life
  6. I plan to do the same thing (preferably 2000+ GTS/ACR). They're going for pretty cheap now. I won't be getting one until about 2-3 years later, but by that time they'll probably be substantially cheaper.
  7. do it. I am willing to bet money you hit one of the first telephone poles you see.
  8. Of course you have.
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    What happened to this?

    "Speed is stupid.

    Pretty much everyone i know would rather do exterior upgrades then power upgrades. Unless you take it to the track alot, your not going to really care about the difference on your daily commute and itll just burn more gas. This came to my attention because i wanted a v8 mustang and a guy spent an hour and a half convincing me to get the v6. especially in this day an age, all you get from more power is more money down the drain spent on gas. Its all about the fuel consumption, otherwise id say more power is deffinitely better.

    well duh this thread is stupid everyones wanting to go fast as opposed to saving the earths fuel. seriously no more fuels could spell the apocalypse. what am i jesus. no this thread was about saving some bucks for something better such as renting a ferrari for a day and getting my fill of speed. just kidding no apocalypse im sure well find a renewable fuel one day or start mining the suns energy or something "

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  11. even if this were true i wouldn't be worried, since he'd just die in a horrible ball of fire within 3 minutes of picking it up anyway. it's a win win situation@

    1) one less original viper
    2) one less #$%#ing idiot
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    Well done
  14. How is losing a Viper a good thing? They're #$%#ing awesome.
  15. Only the GTS/ACR/whatever.
  16. You have to be a troll. There really can't be this big an idiot in fUcking real.
  17. Don't listen to them toni. You rule.
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    I see you've acquired Spyder757.exe!
  19. i lol'd
  20. lol, it's been archived in his database
  21. How does one go planning what car to get in 4 years?! I mean, holy shit, when I bought cars, I didn't even know what I wanted on the day I actually bought them.
  22. same.

    Firebird: Just driving around looking for whatever I might like, found it with a killer deal, bought it on the spot.

    Golfer: Goofing around ebay, had my search narrowed down to a few cars, found a good deal on the tdi sorta near me, bought it that evening with buy it now.
  23. It all depends on what you're gonna use the car for man. If it's a car you're gonna be driving everyday, then yea 4 years is a lot of time to be planning. If it's a leisure car then I don't think its unreasonable to pick a car well in advance.

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