I think I'd Take an M3.

Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by Angisio, Nov 2, 2002.

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    When you have an I.Q. as low as you do you won't think at all.
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    Awww, I'm afraid you're beginning to pout now because a family wagon will blow away your precious little 'stang.

    cheap insults don't make you look any less genetically denied.
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    I'd still like to see what station wagon will beat my stang, sice I (or you) live in Japan, none will.
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    Because he is the KING of his block! LOL
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    All Hail the Qu....er...KING!!!

    His reputation spanning to the far reaches of the alley, his neighbours can identify his car by the smell alone. The cloud of putrid reddish/grey smoke is the only sign one needs, to know his royal @$$ is on its way home from another hard day of collecting his welfare cheque. He has his way with the toddlers on tri-cycles by day in the street, rules his domain between his house and the corner store at the end of his street by night......It's.......................American HP!
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    you jackass

    halting production is normal it happens all the time at ford for one reason or another.

    I have an early production 03 and no serious trouble. I did have alignment trouble but thats not a design flaw just normal ford production line quality hehehe but same goes for most cars in the price range. oh and defefctive good years
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    I said family wagon, not station wagon.

    and two have already been posted (Nissan, and Subaru)

    but enough of this.
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    Good reason. You have a nice car too buddy.
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    The excursion production stoped also. But they havent had a year sence it started that they havent had a model. They continued it and Ford wont stop making the Cobra.

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