I think I'm going to buy an FJ Cruiser.

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by sixspeedfirebird, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Any reason not to?

    It will actually see plenty of off-road time too, so that's neat.
  2. if you're going off-road then there really isn't any reason not to

    they're pretty terrible on-road though
  3. They're so cool. I really want one
  4. They're pretty damn cool, but aren't they really hard to see out of?
  5. same can be said for a hummer, and people still bought those
  6. I've test driven a couple, they are definitely difficult to see out of, but I think I trained myself in mirror driving pretty well with the old fireturd.

    As far as on-road manors, the only thing I really noticed was noise from the rear tires. Figure a bit of dynamat or whatever could be useful there.

    Got a lead on one last night, with the trail team limited edition whatever package and 6-speed, which is apparently ungodly rare in these.
  7. Hello gas consumption!
  8. I've put less than a thousand miles on my VW so far this calendar year.
  9. I had one as a dealer vehicle for a few month about 2 years ago. Had a blast with it. No complaints at all about it. Visibility is limited but got used to it within a few hours. Fuel consumption really isn't any worse real world than any equivalent vehicle
  10. Yeah, went from a ~60 mile roundtrip everyday to less than 5. Want to try walking/biking it some this summer.
  11. Welp, bought this. Pick it up sometime middle-late next week.

    Dont like the gaudy chrome shift knobs, but they are the factory Team Trail knobs, so dunno what to do about them. Probably switch them for the black with red lettering TRD knobs and just keep the TT knobs for whenever I decide to get rid of it.
  12. white is the best color for these

    excellent job
  13. Brobert, I'm picking it up in Atlanta. Come hang out.
  14. I would but I'm in Chicago right now.
  15. looks great, apart from that cheap interior.
  16. Well it looks kinda cheap because you can actually hose it down if it gets too dirty.
  17. visibility and parking are the only real complaints i can muster against it. looks nice in white. that blue i always see makes it look like a power wheels
  18. Congrats, but you need to change those black wheels.
  19. Absolutely not.
  20. I was just saying....you know.
    I'm not a fan of black wheels. I prefer chrome or bright silver personally.
  21. Lift kit and more aggressive/bigger tires.
  22. It needs nothing.
  23. wheels could be blacker

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