i think its cool

Discussion in '1905 Renault Type AG' started by thedark1unknown, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. this thing is awsome i wouldnt mind owning one of these haha.
  2. i own one, and then own everyone on the road that got in my way.
  3. It's pretty sweet.
  4. Who designed this? Bertone?
  5. It's a truck. But a pretty nice one, at that.
  6. No men are that good looking that also drive trucks
  7. I've driven a truck before - does that mean I was temporarily ugly? I guess so, but it was only a compact truck. In that case, would I be less ugly, with the ugliness being proportional to the size of the truck? Luckily I drive a CRX, but unfortunately that doesn't make me un-ugly. A Ferrari - now that can make just about anyone un-ugly.

    Why does this have a complete thing on Supercars? I think it's as cool as anyone does, but on Supercars? I thought this was a directory of cars that were cool, not things with wheels that are cool. Not that I'm complaining - I'd like a site that has everything in one place - bikes, trucks, cars, etc.
  8. Hah∂

    Anyways while this looks nice I don't see anything innovative except the lack of side mirrors. While the big glass roof might be nice I think most trucks have a bunk up there. Renault should def' facelift their trucks with this look however...
  9. Scania made a concept truck a couple of years ago that had covers on the wheels for lower air resistance, looking similar to this stylingwise. Cw value on that truck was incredible 0,29 which can be compared to a MIG fighterjet or an italian sportscar (not when multiplied wth the front area, but it gives a hint of how much you can gain from so-called styling).
  10. This is pretty sick, for a truck...although i still reckon that out of all the truck manufacturers in the world today, Scania has the best looking trucks on the road!!! IMO, of course!
  11. Now it's only a matter of waiting for the Mack and Kenworth fanboys to disagree with you <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  12. While I do like the styling, that thing looks like the 'ricer' of the 18-wheelers. While its got the crazy bodywork and paintjob, it's still missing some neons, chrome 30-inchers, and some 'Type-R' stickers. Those things would complete the look FO SHO!
  13. This is probably true but unfortunately they don't sell in North America for some reason (at least I've never seen one). We don't get Mercedes either. And now that Ford and GM have pulled back on their heavy truck operations the only consumer-branded heavy trucks you see a lot of are Volvo's...
  14. thats so tight
  15. Why would you buy an 18-wheeled tractor trailer? Not only are they expensive to purchase(this one is probably a good $200,000) but they aren't worth a cent if you can't use every square inch of their gas-guzzling, oil sucking trailer appartments!
  16. um...you are a being a bit silly if you think he's being serious. jeez dude, get a life.
  17. Do semitrucks in north america run on gasonline or diesel or maybe there are both kinds?

    Anyway, Saab and also Scania are owned by GM nowadays, and maybe they don't want/need the competition on their own turf that Scania could put up. Scania is on the other hand second largest truck manufacturer in South America, just behind Mercedes.
  18. i want to see these on the road in the U.S.
  19. still, if you (or your boss) buy this, you are 100% garunteed to be bashed up by other truckers everytime you stop...so if you don't stop because of fear, you are more efficient.

    Still, can these things handle large loads like road trains do, or will it blow the motor up carrying anything more than two trailers.

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