I thought the Charger was sweet...

Discussion in '2006 Dodge Challenger Concept' started by 2006 Dodge Charger RT, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Originally, i wanted a Charger, but now i'm gonna have to buy this too. This design kicks ass hands down, put it in a dealer and i'll be waiting. CAMARO KILLER! It'll be like 1969 all over again.
  2. cant disagree with you there. im a mustang fan through and through, but when i look at the mother's car show series on espn, i am awe-inspired and my jaws drop open when i see resored charges and other hot rods. this car is amzing, and looks great too. i'll have one in black. however, will it be as iconic as the first charger?
  3. I didnt think the Charger was sweet. The new Stratus, ashamedidly named the Charger was sweet. I mean, practical, roomy, and rear drive with well over 300horses for a low price?! SWEET! But, ummm, to name it the Charger? A sedan that shares no relation to the original Charger? A marketing thing, too bad the reputation of one of the greatest muscle cars of all time had to pay the price..
  4. Very well said, Raldo.
  5. u took the words right out of my mouth...

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