I tried killing myself last night

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  2. Take acid
  3. SCnet parenting fail.
  4. sirus though, glad you're getting help
  5. victim mentality
  6. And this is such a "cry for attention" suicide attempt. People who are seriously messed up jump in front of trains.

    Some pills and some booze? Most people your age call that a regular saturday night.
  7. On that, psilocybin shrooms have major data supporting that they help with depression and anxiety.
  8. My ex-girlfriend's brother (and one of my close friends for a long time) OD'd a few years ago. His family is still dealing with the emotional damage it caused. Don't do that to your family.
  9. whether you understand it or not isn't really an excuse for being as insensitive as you are being. He's clearly going through some shit that he can't deal with right now, and is looking for help. mocking him for his supposedly feeble suicide attempt isn't particularly constructive - the fact that he tried should be indicative of the support he's looking for.

  10. In the military, there is no problem that can't be solved by "suck it up and get back out there!" Except for all the soldiers who commit suicide, or have PTSD. But never mind them, they were probably pussies.
  11. It's not mocking, it's motivating.
  12. Jumping in front of a train is pretty inconsiderate tbh. Hanging or slit throat is probably more polite.
  13. This is a huge point. Suicide affects the individual the least. The family and friends they leave behind have to deal with it. If your ex-girlfriends parents are still together, I would be surprised. Most times I understand that this sort of thing pretty much tears a family apart.
  14. I'm not so sure.
  15. this is most sad to me because you felt this was the best/only way to express your feelings, like you couldn't talk to anyone first? you couldn't go see a therapist at school for FREE? you couldn't ask a close friend who has been through a rough breakup their experience?
    what could be so bad that you can't reach out to anyone
  16. Having been in a position like that before (although not as advanced a position) I can somewhat empathise with him. In my experience everything just felt hopeless, and the last thing I wanted to do was bother anyone else with my issues; not least because I didn't think anyone could help. Going for counselling wasn't effective for me as I'd become really good at hiding it from strangers, so the guy didn't think there was anything wrong with me as I seemed perfectly happy.

    Of course with hindsight it sounds completely counter-intuitive, but when you're in a state like that it can sometimes seem like the only option.
  17. i have been hopeless before (recovering alcoholic/addict here) but i never understood the suicide mentality...i never really wanted to die
  18. It's a different condition, I guess. It isn't nice.
  19. I dunno, I mean the last 5 years of my life have been spent in the "JUST DO IT" world of things, and while at first it seemed draconian and unreasonable, I've seen a lot of shaky and unstable people turn their shit around and become completely collected and confident officers. The only reason I can see that they were able to make such positive changes for themselves is because they had the right attitude. They wanted to succeed, and they had to jump through hoops to get there, but because they didn't give up, they stabilized and became effective.

    It's an old cheesy saying, but it's very true that where there is the will, there is a way.
  20. the real problem here is selfishness...only concerned with one's self and personal well being. get outside yourself, go help someone else and you will always feel better after.
  21. This is the best post you've ever made.
  22. There can definitely be biological factors behind depression and suicides. I have a friend who has battled severe depression ever since hitting puberty and she's about the most selfless person I've ever met.
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    Before you make any decisions you can't undo, please watch this!

  24. Thats just some mumbo-jumbo

    Depressed people are just boring people. Take control of your life, or don't. Your call.
  25. Hey paul lets go get a bite to eat

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