I tried killing myself last night

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  1. I didn't expect you to not be a #$%#.
  2. We all need attention, I suppose even negative attention qualifies
  3. I think all your posts should be trademarked. Every single one, without fail, is in a league of terrible all its own.
  4. I don't know why his posts still surprise me.
  5. Whenever I see his name as latest poster I have a fleeting moment of optimism that maybe, just maybe, he has a reasonable and intelligent thought on that particular subject.
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    When I think about all the grandparents who never become grandparent, live luxuriours Canada gweilo life becaurse some Japan devil murder raped them in the asshole with a bayonet when they is 9 years old makes me want to dance.

    Everything is relative and bring your nonna inside this equation is just not relevant.

    Depressiorn is not in any way relate to living standard, it just happen to people, poor and rich. To tell person they have no right to be depressiorn is like tell schizophrenia person they no right have schizophrenia or cancer person they no right have cancer. The military "harden the #$%# up you Japan pig-dog!" treatment is have been tried many times back when depressiorn still called melancholia and not surprisingly only increase mortality rate among patients.

    See what Sapolsky has to say and then buirld counter argument:

  7. lol depressed people are usually the most fun people you can hang out with. they don't share their depression with you. they take that home.

    the happiest looking people are often the ones who are the most depressed.
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    Perhaps Corks is simply suffering from "the consumption" or maybe "the malaise"

    And despite his impressive credentials and remarkable body of work, Dr. Sapolsky needs to shave. He looks like some sort of transient.
  9. lol wat
    happiest people are usually the happiest
  10. lol. annoying thing when I've revealed my depression to someone who hasn't had exposure to/experience with it before:

    "you can't be depressed?! you look so happy!"
  11. happiest *looking*

    probably not the best way of saying it, but i get what he's on about. overcompensation for feeling shit by putting out a massive positive vibe. kinda makes you live two lives.
  12. Corks is the kind of people who doesn't drink tap water, only "Eska"
  13. European Shotokan Karate-do Association?
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  15. Yeah this
  16. So you take some paracetamol, benzos and SSRIs(!) with vodka and hope to die. You courld swallow 60 doritos with same result but less stomach pump.

    The best you courld achieve with same combo but up the dose is bust liver, lay in bed for 1 week turn yellow spray excrement in diaper and then get liver transplant which is waste of perfectly good liver transplant in my opiniorn.

    Drink vodka, swallow random pill only make humiliatiorn and shame ancestor. And is quite important decision such as to live or to die best made drunk? If you want die, swallow 1 fentanyl patch > quite pleasant quick death.

    Cut wrist horizontal and cry like woman, only damage some vein and nerve. If you want die cut "femoral artery", is find easily in thigh near your balls > quite fancy spray pretty colour arterial blood. And use a scalpel, you can buy them for like 1 dorra.

    I'm not going to be judgemental about how your famiry/close friend think about this becaurse is between you and them. I only assume that if you are a good person you take their feelings into account before make decision end life (again, not decision shourld be made quickly when wasted) and that you take responsibility of your actions.

    However I find that kill yourself for woman is quite shallow and makes you look like 14/f/cali. But I don't know this woman and if she really is a madonna worth die for, you hold on to her instead of die. I recall you make a thread a while ago where you say you break up with her, maybe not give very stable image. But is never too late to fix rounding error, maybe wait sometime to let things calm down and tell her how you feel.

    I see some post earlier in thread filled with too much blame or optimism. Both is quite pointless. This "happy pill" is not always work. They normally start with SSRI, then work way up to SNRI > Tricyclic & MAOi > Ketamine > ECT > DBS > Neuro #$%#ing surgery.
    You might find help in a week from those same lexapro you take to kill self, you might find help in a few years or you might not recover at all. Fact is that majority person recover at some point so giving it a shot courld be good idea.

    Maybe some person is get very angry that you kill self becaurse they have never been in position where they feel so bad that dying seems like better option which it sometimes (rarely, but sometimes) is. You shourld ignore them like you ignore other holier-than-thou
    bullshit. Other person is buirld some fake affection when they barely know you and is just as repulsive. Is selfish to kill self, yes. Is selfish to expect sick person to live horrible life so that you courld feel better about yourself, also yes. Gweilo culture has so many taboo around this topic is like discuss penis massage in some religiours fanatic forum, people get all sensitive and emotional about things when they shourld use reason instead.

    I will not miss you if you die becaurse I do not know you. I hope that you die quickly and not in a series of botched desperate attempts if you choose to end your life. My advice is that you shourld act like a man and make responsible decision which you haven't been doing recently. You can take it or leave it, I don't give a #$%# becaurse is not my cow in ditch and I'm not going to pretend it is becaurse taking away your dignity by patronize, judge or pretense is the worst I courld do.

    Of course, none of this matters if you are dead. The dead have no regrets.

  17. I agree. He looks like a goddamn hippie. But all the decent looking psychiatrists were nazis.
  18. lol, how are you qualified to make this statement?
  19. looks like some people confuse a depression with a downer here

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