I tried killing myself last night

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. this. it's a shame, because the difference is significant.

    Most people over use the word "depressed" when all they mean is that they're a bit bummed out because their car broke down, or there aren't any more tickets left for the band they wanted to go and see.
  2. I agree with most of this except for the part where you talk about person get angry for person try kill serlf.
  3. You're supposed to mix sleeping pills with the alcohol, you idiot. The only thing you managed to do is hate#$%# your liver (thanks to the Tylenol). Next time, try something truly effective, like lying down in front of a train, or falling off a tall building, or eating a gun.
  4. Encouraging suicide is punishable by law in Canada, even if its on the Internet
  5. Thank you
  6. A moot point if there ever was one.
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    Also, this is the most intelligent post i've seen in a long time
  8. +1
  9. how are you qualified to refute it?
  10. I feel like a failed parent.
  11. thats really unfortunate. theres so many people around here I want to jump off a bridge.
  12. #$%#ing lol @ rounding error and penis massage
  13. If you aren't qualified to make it in the first place, there's nothing that needs refuting.
  14. "i know you are, you said you are!!"
  15. i always lol @ rounding error
  16. Tylenol and booze can work. Friend of a cousin did it successfully.
  17. I think I'm more qualified than anyone here.

    I mean, the few that have gone through it themselves have some first hand knowledge, but they always give victim-oriented advice.
  18. Yes tylenol can be lethal but the dose required is ridiculours and setting yourself on fire probably more pleasant way to die.

  19. lol probably. The guy was in a coma for a couple weeks before kicking it.
  20. Next week....Coming out of closet thread.
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  22. Dying of liver failure is not the way to go.
  23. yeah but it takes a few days
  24. So basically you expect person to live life with no pleasure and many pain?

    Is not make sense to me unless you are like Mr.Fong who rearry take secret enjoyment from that.
  25. nah you said people get angry at people like corks because they dont know what hes going through but that is not true

    cbf getting into it really. Just pointing out that I disagree with that section of your post, but not the rest.

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