I tried killing myself last night

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  1. Didn't really mean person like corks, he quite act like immature ****. Kill yourself on impulse is as unwise as get divorce on impulse but more seriours.

    I mean the general "get furiours" part when someone take own life but since you say you covet bull feces let's not go there maybe. Is not that I care one way or another I onry like good argument.
  2. covet bull feces lol
  3. Liver failure is such a stupid way to kill yourself.
  4. Hey everyone TYLENOL cause liver failure and I hear liver failure is bad or was it sphincter failure I don't remember and was it TYLENOL that cause this or push large block of pecorino inside rectum but anyway corks I think you shourld not take TYLENOL becaurse you shourld die of sphincter failure instead.

    And really you shourld take sleeping pill with vodka becaurse other pill is with rum or gin and definitely not mix with TYLENOL, my cousin ex-girlfriend maid boss dog relative aunt take like this and fell into pig shelter where the furiours pigs eat her liver becaurse so delicioursly full of TYLENOL and failure you really don't want to be stupid like that.
  5. You have absolutely no reason to kill yourself in all honesty. Do you feel that depressed????
  6. Ugh you are a #$%#i v idiot for wanting to kill yourself. No matter how bad life gets, never consider that. Get some help ffs
  7. Best Man's ex tried to kill herself several times. She was also not fun to hang out with.

    Also, she tried medication too, believing some doctor's word that it was a 'chemical imbalance'.

    no, she just sucked. She chose to suck.
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    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're trolling.

    infact, #$%# that - you're an absolute retard. You should watch this too: learn something.
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    oh no! a youtube video.

  10. i went to a counselor for anxiety issues and thankfully i didn't need medication. he told me that a responsible doctor should give someone medication (if it's felt they need it) at the start of treatment because it gives them a reasonable feeling of normal, a goal, and then as your condition improves you should be slowly waned off of it.

    we have a pill to "fix" everything these days and its kinda scary how many people just walk around drugged up all the time. drugs can be a tool in treatment to help people but they shouldn't be the final diagnosis.
  11. Having had a clinically manic/depressive mother my entire life, I can tell you that we most certainly do not have a pill to fix everything these days. She's been on just about every pharmaceutical known to medical science, and many, many combinations of those. None has really dealt with the illness in a satisfactory way. Most simply did nothing. Others had terrible other side-effects, and some worked brilliantly - but only for six months until her body got used to them.
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    a video of a lecture on Depression given by a man called Robert Sapolsky who is Professor of Biological Sciences, and Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences at Stanford University. Watch the video and you'll understand precisely how scientific it is.


    Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean you should mock it. Any normal person would try to understand something they knew nothing about instead of making fun of it. Depression is a serious condition and affects many millions of people every day.

    I don't even care if you're trolling. Your apparent self-satisfaction at being massively ignorant is just so annoying it needs to be highlighted.
  13. i did say "fix" and that it's not designed as a permanent fix. did you even read what i said?
  14. Wikipedia article and youtube video not very scientific, yes. But if act more like science person and post link from "Cochrane Library" you wourld not be able to view it becaurse you not have secret pass word and you wourld not understand what article is about.

    For normal everyday person this kind of link can be great source of informatiorn and I really doubt you have the kind of medical degree you courld afford to sneer at Sapolsky lecture. Nor does is matter if you see lecture on redtube or live at JHU, the same information still there.

    But I don't think anyone is surprised by your reactiorn, you is demonstrate so many times how you can be both ignorant and obnoxiours in every single thread on this site. And not in an entertaining way.

  15. What you said was a bit naive. We don't have a pill to fix, or 'fix' if you prefer, everything. And therapy IS a powerful tool, but all the talking in the world isn't going to solve the root cause of the problem, namely a chemical imbalance. It's a palliative at best, not a cure.
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    no, I just don't suck at life because I choose not to suck at life. Want me to link you to some smart educated people too, or can you just take my word for it.

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  18. Part of why there's still so much that isn't understood about mental diseases is that there are still too many #$%#ing idiots who think you can ALWAYS just will yourself to not doing something. Cause there aren't chemicals in the brain.

    You're seriously #$%#ing stupid if you can't see that depression is a serious disease and while there's no fix, just telling somebody to "get over it" doesn't do shit.
  19. My friends think I'm depressed because I told them that they need to learn to accept that I'm dying alone and stop bugging me about finding a girl.
  20. Depressiorn is can be cured by not choose suck

    Homosexuality is a choice

    The world is 6000 years old

    Japan car is safe

    Maybe there is a reason why statement like this made by smart education person in short supply.

  21. if you think that when you find a girl you will suddenly be happy, you are very much mistaken.

  22. Related; Back in the 60s before ethics and all that stuff, an experiment was conducted with 2 orphan twins - one was raised by a wealthy, millionaire family, the other by a family living below the poverty line.

    The girl raised by the poor family did worse career wise and the one by the rich family landed a much better job/career. The girl from the poor family developed depression. The girl from the rich family also developed depression
  23. Find what your strong point is/has been in your existence and believe in it. But most importantly try to develop yourself, mentally speaking. I personally don't see any point in life if you don't try to become a better person as a whole, if we don't develop ourselves. Your experience with that girl can become a good source of knowledge on how to deal with relationships to come. And, trust me, it's a good thing you broke up. You don't want to wake up one day being 30-40 yrs old (worse, with kids) and having to deal with the idea that you *wasted* the best years of your life with that only one woman who at some point might consider you as a given, she doesn't fully appreciate the time you spent with and for her, not going out with your single friends and playing around with women et al. Oh hell no. Time doesn't turn back.

    Hope this is just an April's fools joke, but my 2Cs of advice to young guys of your age who think they have found "the one", the odds are against you, GTFO ASAP.
  24. I'm not actually depressed though, they just think that because I told them that as a joke/deferral from the actual problems I have in that area, which I have been working on isolating and fixing, and didn't want to talk about.
  25. I would strangle Walperstyle to death.

    And I would enjoy it immensely.

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