I tried killing myself last night

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. hah
  2. Since when did Walper have an understudy?
  3. Its all the same
  4. I find it hard to believe you're not being intentionally obtuse just to stir the pot

    everyone should just ignore walper.
  5. guys he didnt choose to be stupid
    dont hate on him too hard
  6. Gay and pedophilia are inextricably linked
    Wheres luke with corroborating evidence
  7. he knows many priests
    ergo ipso facto
  8. there are more people that aren't bright, but I don't know any that are this smug and convinced of themselves

  9. Only because when I post, everyone takes me serious.
  10. everyone thinks you're serious*

    No one takes you seriously.
  11. seriously
  12. Maybe you should try harder next time
  13. Walper is like the shitty version of burner. Both are smug negative nancies but at least burner was hilarious
  14. Has corks posted recently, hope he not died
  16. Just been feeling really depressed really.

    As for the recent discussion, depression certainly is not something you can control.

    Look, I have a pretty decent life, yeah I just broke up with my girlfriend, but at the end of the day, who really cares, i'm 20. I'll get over it. I go to college for free basically, due to a scholarship, have a cool motorcycle, have a cool apartment in a cool neighborhood with some pretty cool room-mates...etc. My life isn't that bad at all, but despite everything, I rarely, truly feel happy. And never in my life, for as long as I can remember, am I consistently stable, I feel sad most of the time, i try to hide it etc, but it doesn't work.

    I denied it for a long time, but that's why I drank so much. Self medicating. No one really knows about it, but for the past couple of years I have consistently drank throughout the day. And when I used to say i'm going to "sleep" I really locked my door and drank a personal and passed out because thats the only way I could sleep.

    Trying to kill myself was everything coming to a head, I was feeling ultra shity, then my natural depression on top of it, I felt completely #$%#ing in over my head.

    I'm seeing a therapist now, and I got put on antidepressants, i'm hoping with all my heart that they do something, cause they haven't yet, and I feel so down in the dumps that it's actually a physical #$%#ing pain.

    But cue somebody saying that it's my choice to be unhappy. Depression is as much a disease as cancer, it is a cancer in a way.

    P.S EBT or whatever. You are an absolute idiot. One of my best friends is gay, and while he's out, and has accepted it, he always says he wishes he was straight just because his life would be so much easier. You didn't choose to be attracted to a vagina. Shut up.
  17. I said choose to have gay sex. Good thing you can read...
  18. It's agreed we cannot choose what causes chemical reactions in our brains to cause arousal. If you agree to that as well, then how can you disagree that it's not a choice to be aroused by an underage kid? You still haven't answered that.
  19. And, you're obviously refusing to read what I was telling the bongo. Yes, there are people who say it's a choice to be gay. If you followed what I told him, I trolled him to bring up the face it's not a choice to be attracted to the same sex, but it is a choice to have sex. I then told him I don't see why people think it's even a problem to choose to be gay (in reference to the people who do, in fact, think it's a choice). To those who say it's a choice, I said yeah, then so what? I threw in the pedophilia, because I've been watching about 20 episodes of Law & Order a week and they brought that point up. Which is funny, because if you use the same reasoning as mention many times already, it's true. It's not a choice to them either. But it's a choice for them to act on it which is why it should be a crime for them since it's gross (pedophiles, not gays).
  20. You're all over the place. I'm saying the pedophile doesn't have a choice. Neither does a gay person. They can't choose what they are attracted or what arouses them. In the same way a depressed person doesn't choose to be depressed.
  21. But you were just arguing that being depressed is not a biological function, but a case of not having enough "man the #$%# up".

    Then the argument you now claim to put forward, opposes that?
  22. *golf clap* I only told you that several times in the past 20 hours.
  23. Yet again your comparison is almost completely irrelevant. I say almost, because the tiny relevant part of it is wrong.

    Read about motivation, and how it works. Emotion leads to motivation, leading to action. Always. It can be argued that (using your example), a guy decides to hook up with another guy as a result of acting on the emotion of sex - which is one of the most powerful emotions. Since emotions are something very few people have any control over, a strong enough feeling will cause someone to act irrationally, and perhaps they will not make the choice they would logically perfer to make.

    Ironically, the chance that you've ever made your own 'choice' in your life is pretty slim, because you have no concept or experience of how it works. You just bend over and take what life throws at you, and anything positive you accredit to your ability to 'man the #$%# up'.

    Feel free to correct me, anyone

    Edit: And I believe there's a difference between depression, and having some shitty things happen to you.
  24. those kinds of medicines take a while to build up in your system. give it time
  25. On of the first things I posted in here:
    "Yes, you can over analyze it and say certain neurons are firing causing arousal with certain stimuli."
    And, when I said "be gay" after that. I meant the action of BEING gay. "Be" gay as in the action of having gay sex.
    Glad everyone decided to just get emotional and all douchey instead.

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