"I used to enjoy Formula One..."

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  1. Quote from f1-live.com;

    Unhappy Hamilton looks ahead
    "I used to enjoy Formula One..."
    15/05/09 10:18

    Lewis Hamilton has likened his current state of mind in Formula One to wrongful imprisonment.

    As a diamond number '1' was unveiled on the top of his helmet ahead of the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix, the reigning world champion said the recent battering of his reputation has left him not overly enjoying his job.

    From the criticism of his Swiss tax exile, his personality, and now 'lie-gate', the 24-year-old said: "It's got to be a similar feeling to anyone who goes to jail but feels they shouldn't be behind bars.

    "That is the feeling I have had, although I know what happened in Australia was wrong," said Hamilton at the McLaren factory on Thursday, where the team's usual sponsor linkup for Monaco with a diamond company was announced.

    "I just feel knocked about by it all," he is quoted as saying by The Times newspaper. "I want to be a driver - I am not in the sport to be a politician."

    Hamilton insists the controversies have not affected his driving, but admits he is disillusioned with Formula One because of its constant politics.

    "It affects your life, it affects the way you are.
    I used to enjoy Formula One and part of that has been taken away from me," he explained.

    "Unfortunately, it is the way the Formula One world works for some reason. It's much nicer in the lower categories, where all the people are there just to race and the teams are there just to race," added Hamilton.

    Reporters have also noticed a marked change recently in Hamilton's attitude with the media, which now prioritises his take on off-track sagas over his work in the cockpit.

    "Talking to the media and having interviews on television used to be great fun, but it has changed. I have no doubts in my mind I can enjoy Formula One just as much as I did before. Just not now," he said.
  2. in before the usual Hamilton bashing.
  3. He's turning into a Brit version of the Twat..
  4. Every pro sport has stupid politics, get over it hammy
  6. Oh man, I'm so gonna cry!
  7. I don`t like him, but he`s right
  8. 1 hit wonder
  9. you know i feel exactly the way he does. i would support him %100 even if he decides not to go F1 next year. when the spotlight is on you that intensely and that often, it burns. think of some of the shit he has had to deal with. from the racism in spain to multiple controversies, it cant make racing fun. especially when youre at the peak of the motorsport echelon. you need to be able to focus on yourself, your driving, your car, your team, not the press and the images they are producing for you of you and about you...
  10. Look what two championships did to Alonso..turned him into a flaming twat.
  11. i used to think f1 was fun... until hamilton showed up...

    hes a whining little #%[email protected] he just complaining cuz everyone including british media have the spot light turn to Button instead of him.

  12. Is his complaining not up to the same standard as yours?
  13. Definitely not, cus you are not complaining about it.

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