I want a loan

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by love of cars, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. for $4000. This is for a car I have had my eye on, and my bike payment just finished up. I have a credit score of 710, and I want to know the easiest way to get this money, with the lowest monthly bill possible. My bike payment was 100$ a month, but I always paid over that amount to end it early.

    What do you suggest?
  2. both you guys suck.
  3. You guys suck so much ass. This is for my Turbo Rotary Miata.
  4. What the hell do you want us to say?
  5. I know a few loansharks.
  6. Vagina
  7. #$%# nvm. I am drunk. I know a bank. What is a good interest rate?
  8. My bike loan was 1000$, but I had to repay 12xx.00, and I HELLA am not going through them again.
  10. Just rob it.
  11. For a short term loan on a used car? You'll probably be lucky to get 8-10% Have you borrowed from that bank before?
  12. It was my first loan, to "get credit". Now I have quote unquote perfect credit because I paid all my bills on time, and more than I should have.
  13. credit card / the mob / pay-day loan / sub-prime mortgage
  14. My credit card is at 1000$ limit, and I owe so little on it. I do not want to owe more than 200$ at one time. CC = out of question.
  15. Seriously a bank, unless family can loan it to you or something.
  16. what are the interest rates currently?
  17. don't you guys save up for stuff?
  18. Check out a credit union, their rates are gonna be significantly lower than a bank loan, especially since it sounds like you already have good credit. I'm in the same boat though, I'm getting a rich friend to help me cosign, but I haven't found an easy way to get or find a loan, sorry there just isn't one.
  19. Sell drugs/your body.

    EDIT: Seriously, listen to the guy above me.
  20. You mean buy an xB?
  21. biggest downpayment you can make...

    Vehicular purchases are never at low rates...as they depreciate incredibly fast. Get someone to co-sign with you as well.

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