I want to be an anthropologist

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  1. I am looking into going to IU to get an M.A. in Anthropology, and maybe even a PhD if the M.A. is only available while on the way to a PhD. I am interested the most in either archaeology or bioanthropology.

    Currently, I have a B.A in Business with a major in Finance and International Studies and a minor in Economics. Unfortunately, I only figured out about a year ago that I was not interested in business at all, but science instead. Most of my spare time was spent watching documentaries on the Science channel, National Geographic channel, History, Discovery, etc. And then I realized that most books I read as a kid were science related as well. By the time I figured this out, however, I only had 1.5 semesters left to get a B.A. in Business, so I stuck it out. But now, after only 3 months of working in a cubicle, I have decided I would like to drop out of the corporate rat race for good and become a scientist.

    It is going to be sort of tough though, since I am now working full time for an insurance company in Indianapolis and I'm not sure when I can even get into the M.A. Anthropology program down in Bloomington (which is where IU's main campus is - 1.5 hours from here). It's spring break this week, so the Graduate Program Director is out this week. On Monday the 17th I will be conversing with him regarding going after my dream and flipping off "the man" and doing research in a museum or university setting.
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  7. I took a Greek archaeology course this past fall. It was awesome.
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  12. You should be able to get the Masters without a PhD, but are you sure it'd be an MA and not an MS? If its really science based it will probably be MS (for obvious reasons). The one problem you will run into is getting support (if that is what you are interested in) without being a PhD student, because professors prefer Ph.D students.
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  14. I have a university magazine here that shows all graduate degrees that IU offers and it has both an M.A. in Anthropology and a PhD in Anthropology. I think the M.A. may be a typo because I was thinking the same thing as you - it must be an M.S. I will have to wait until I can talk to the Graduate Program Director for the Anthropology dept. before I can see if it's a typo or not.

    And yeah I also believe that the support is the reason that it's suggested that I get the Master degree "on the way" to the PhD degree. Either way, I feel stifled in the business world as a puppet and robot and will be getting information from the Graduate Director next week when he returns. You are in science, aren't you?
  15. Financial support can be a big factor if you're quitting your job completely and going to school only. In that case you would definitely want a job working for IU doing something that pays your way (at least part) and possibly gives you income. On the other hand you might be able to go part time for free if your work will pay for education, which is something to look in to.

    Yes, I'm just now starting to work towards my MS in engineering.

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