I want to poop on someone.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by PandaBeat, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. Any prospects?
  2. as lame as hemistage8 is, chairman is still more lame, and is more deserving of being shat on.
  3. chairman
  4. 84Fordman wants you to take a shit on him. Then again, you can shit on 426 Hemistage 8, because he's the most likely to lose his temper and say something stupid.
  6. 84Fordman would like it, he's into that, like amenasce, but I'd choose 426Hemistage as long as he doesn't backfire on my anus.
  7. your anus?
  8. Take a dump on yourself. You south americans are into wacky shit like that.
  9. Talking about lame look at your #$%#ing self and see how lame you are.You are probably under drugs that is why you have problems to use your brain.
  10. I shit on your worthless remarks. You are far from being someone who is perfect and before opening your mouth on someone get your facts straights.The post you did was showing your blattant ignorance and stupidity.Grow a spine.
  11. Panda should take a shit on you. Everyone here knows you'd welcome it with an open mouth.
  12. hmm, are you sure you arent firered?
  13. Apparently, I was right.
  14. This statement is true and i agree with it 100%.
  15. you ARE firered, im positive now. only Firered says stuff this retarded.
  16. I made the best thread of the day. +1

    I'd shit on 426.
  17. Do I live in Canada? No. Do I have the same Ip? No. Wrong at 100%. But your reactions are typical from an idiot.
  18. i retract my previous statement, id rather shit on 426
  19. and your reactions are typical of firered.

    i know you're really firered, your probably just at 426's house, because he wants you to cram your giant man cock up his ass. you arent good at disguising yourself firered!
  20. FireRed also has a much bigger penis.
  21. I want to poop onn FireRed too. Let's make a trio were I shit on them.
  22. ehh, we need something better to do to firered, she would probably enjoy being shat on.
  23. I'll film it. It'll be a massive hit in Germany.
  24. no need to hit chairman, hes already full of shit.

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