I want to put this in my car

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  2. Just to drive by someone using their cell phone while driving, picking their nose, changing the radio station and looking in the vanity mirror and see the look on their face as they start screaming at their cell phone, crash into a light pole and die.
  3. Yes and when one of those morons hits you because they were trying to get their cell phone to work, no one will be able to call an ambulance and you'll bleed to death in the street.
  4. almost 90% of the time when i observe someone do a very stupid, ignorant or absolutely idiotic thing while driving i then find out they are holding a cell phone as i drive by them. ive also observed countless accidents where i noticed the driver at fault talking on their cellphone.
  5. is it illegal over there to use while driving?
  6. It's illegal in the county where I live, but I don't know about most other places.
  7. Nope not at all. One of many stupid things that do not have laws. Like we are required to wear our seat belts our we will get stopped and recieve a ticket, but buses full of people are exempt from that. Similiar with motorcycles, no helmet laws.
  8. i know in ontario it was, but im not sure about bc. if its not, it should be. bc drivers couldnt breathe and drive simultanously, let alone talk on the phone and drive. theyre so bad that when it rains here(which it does almost all the #$%#ing time) atleast 20% of drivers do close to half the posted speed limit. its mostly because its white suburbia in a sense and most cars are soccer moms, grandparents(its retirement heaven here) and others oblivious to what goes on around them while they drive(probably thinkin what theyll cook for lunch, which flowers to water and feed today etc).

    often i have the urge to wait for a red light, get out, grab their cell phone and shove it up their ass, but i dont<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>.
  9. that is awsome d00d
  10. lol, do they have a pocket sized wireless one?
  11. Now that is a cool idea. I'd love to have such a device.
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  13. I want to put this in my car.
  14. What are £169.99 in € ??
  15. that would be awesome...
  16. Buses employ compartmentalization, thus they don't need seat belts
  17. cell phones are illegal to use while driving in my country, you get fined a couple hundred dollars.
    you can get really expensive scanners that can scan those frqeuncies and listen to moblie phone calls, although thats illegal in MOST countries. Im happy with good old 100mHz to 500mHz, everything from FM radio to fighter jets.

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