I was born on Whacking Day

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BaRRa, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. Cool eh? I just found out.

    Actually, it isn't very interesting. At all.
  2. I must be superior.
  3. *inferior.
  4. I changed my sig, but it didn't work.
  5. I tried to change my avatar, and after the 10th try it finally stuck. only I didn't like it, and it took me 9 tries to change back again.

    Best website, ever.
  6. I click the 'Save Changes' button, and it does zero.
  7. It did that for me the first 8+ times.
  8. We should rape Dan.
  9. I've got dibs on not doing it.
  10. You did it again.
  11. You dont mean me you mean Danno. Am i correct.
    Whacking day explians somthing, about you.
  12. I mean the Dan that is the administrator of the forums. It wouldn't be rape with you, since it would be consentual.
  13. Totally, eh?
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  15. i never siad you were lieing.
  17. Yep good for you mate.
  18. You should abuse him.
  19. Wy i would be waisting my time.
  20. Maybe you will make him/her cry.
  21. U R dumass homo
  22. LOL! The n00bs are gangin up.

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