I wonder if Argentina has UN approval

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  1. When they invaded the Falklands?
  2. War crime.
  3. Must be because they're all a bunch of Nazis.
  4. buncha goobers
  5. Exactly, it was a war crime of the dictatorship ruling my country by that time.
    BTW, the dictator Galtieri (thanks God he's dead now) was trained by the US government at the Americas School.
    It's a US tradition to support dictatorships: they did it with Saddam, Noriega, Pinochet, Galtieri and many more.
  6. ^^Take a close look

    Instead of having blind faith in everything your country does, maybe some of you should step back and question some things sometime.
  7. Do you know who gave the go ahead for the murder of Salvador Allende?
  8. I also wonder if Argentina has UN approval when they did invaded the Falklands.
  9. I wonder if the twats of this site can post one freakin thing on here about politics without having the intention to atack, or spam.
  10. No, they didn't. And the US didn't even have Britain in kicking them out.

    Part of the reason for this is that the US was largly responsible for Galtieri's rise to power in the first place, and that the Argentinian regime was still being supported by the US in 1982. It was therefore in Regan's intrest to stay neutral. Always the ones to return a favour, the Brits, by which it was ment Thatcher's cabinate, opted not to help out in Grenada in 1983.
  11. By the way, the last post is quite simply the last word on the issue. If you disagree, you are wrong.
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  14. Yes, and thus the articles are usually somewhat biased when it comes to history and politics; however, from what I've found, its facts are generally pretty accurate. The only real beef I have with some of political or history authors is that many of them drift toward speculation in an attempt to support an ideology. That said, it's still useful.

    BTW, what have you written on there?
  15. I'll let you know when I recall what they are. I have written two short ones about something to do with some historical event, and one which has subsequently been replaced, I just found, on the tam o' shanter.

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