I wonder if somebody here already drove one...

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-8' started by Lee Iacocca, Aug 10, 2002.

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  2. I don't had the opportunity to test one Mazda RX, yet. So I'm asking if somebody here already drove one and how is the feeling.

    There's some diference in the reponse from this car and the RX-7 ?

    And what's the diference when you drive a RX-8 and a V8 ? I mean time response, acceleration, braking, etc.

    And the sound without muffler, how is it ?

    Thank you !
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    Com'on ! Nobody made a single test drive in this car, yet ?

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    It's strange. I remember all the test drives in the RX-01 when that was just a prototype.
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    i'm keen to know the comparisson too, and how it compares to previous rotarys and your regular jap turbo car.

    from worked rotarys i've driven, the difference between a V8 and a wankel is mainly the shape of the power curve. rotarys idle nicely, even when tuned to hell (can't say that for typical v8s), A V8 pulls well at low revs has a big peak of torque in the mid range then gets breathless quite early before the redline.
    A tuned V8 will improve a bit in high revs but suffer really bad at low revs.
    A V8 makes a more effortless drivers car but are more prone to trade offs, rotarys are more flexible.
    A good rotary is fine at normal speeds but needs a few revs poked into it before it pulls hard. The torque builds up linearly - can make some difficult to drive around town with a manual, but once up to speed that torque is generally flat, and available all the way to the redline. I've only driven one or two turbo rotarys - they depend greatly on the boost characteristics.

    One rotary powered kit car I drove, it didn't initialy feel much quicker compared to a rover V8 powered one, and off the line we were the same with just a little wheelspin, but that was until the guy in the V8 next to me had to go into 2nd and I was only half way through first gear!
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