iampingpong/moosquad, internet pirates

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by hamtamtamble, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. its true, we plunder and pillage the internet to post in moderator/premium member forums.
  2. We also beat up Mormons in our spare time.
  3. I guess I'm remoderated again, some people really have trouble making up their mind it seems.
  4. it appears as if the me touching fordracing behind closed doors scandal has passed over, i told you i was innocent.
  5. I always knew you were, though I have to say you spent a lot of time with him in the office. I got my private office by the way, what about you?
  6. ^ yah, it even has my name on the door. "Mod. Iampingpong"
  7. Where's my coffee by the way? I have a Premium Secretary, and still no coffee!!
  8. it had better be fresh too, i am tired of waiting for bad coffee!
  9. Yeah! damn instant machines, I want them from fresh coffeebeans, handmade!
  10. And I ordered a stretched Fiat Panda, it was in my 60-page royalties-contract. Still didn't arrive!
  11. Ok, there went my office, Fired from the sc.net headquarter!
  12. Getting into the mod forum is hard.
  13. haha...moo rules
  14. I only rule with my pingpongpirate alongside me lol
  15. we have an armada of pirate ships. we hurt mormans. america loves us.
  16. And we have a higher rank in society than the dude with the ancient manners now.
  17. Here's a shining example of intelligent conversation.

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