identify this car plz..

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by burnninthc, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. i took these pics over the summer and i have no idea what this is. any information would help thanks.
  2. That would be Delahaye 135 M
    chassis 49150
    choachbuilder: Figoni & Falaschi

    at wich musuem did you took this, i thought the car was in France?
  3. found this in nagoya japan. mr toyotas personal collection. there were a bunch of other rares as well.
  4. Who agrees that Figoni & Falaschi did the most beautiful coachwork of that time?..
  5. By the way, this is not the Delahaye 135M, but the Delage D8 120, yet by the same coachbuilders. Technically both cars had pretty much everything in common. At least.. that's what I can recall.
  6. Now THAT is a sexy car.
  7. Old cars are confusing. It does look really nice.
  8. yea it was prob one of the nicest at the showroom.. u cant really see all the curves and the size of the car from the pix i took, plus there were a lot of little details that i didnt get in the pix.

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