Idiot complains about Carrera GT noise

Discussion in 'Videos and Sounds' started by RLQ, Jul 30, 2007.

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  2. Stop ruining my thread.
  3. Yes, because you aspire into something by getting out of your car to confront a heckling stranger, possibly leading to a fight and a police report, followed by potential civil or criminal court. Nevermind ignoring the person and moving on with your life. I bet that alex guy forgot about it the next day. Your logic makes so much more sense though doesn't it?

    I hope your attitude gets you shot because you're probably the road rage type. Grow the F up.
  4. Asshole with nice cars? Yeah he is halfway there. He might need help with the asshole part though.
  5. To be honest I can see how that could be a nuisance to someone. Yes, it is an awesome sound, but he should also be respectful of others. No need to be an ass. He could have easily driven away 'quietly' but chose to rev the engine numerous times. Why? On the other hand YES, the guy that approached him was also a bit of a douchebag.
  6. thats #$%#in hilarious.

    what a dumbass. i wish he'd gotten his foot run over.
  7. They both were idiots overall and Vsmilegirl's idea to escalate it to a confrontation makes them REAL idiots. I'd also like to know more to the story. There was a guy with a camera right where he was. Alex dude might have been trying to be a good sport for another car enthusiast(s) at the expense of pissing off everyone else.

    While it is still a dick move for people who don't care, I didn't take it as a "VROOM! hey everyone look at me! VROOM!"
  8. same here.

    though the move is obviously an attention-grabber, he doesn't continue down that main road doing the same thing but instead drives off.
  9. Like you or anyone else on this site wouldn't do that if you had a CArrera GT with an exhaust (or lack of) like that.
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    Holy shit, I know exactly where that is. I've eaten lunch on that first street tons of times.
  11. what city is that?
  12. He was barely revving it. He was just slipping the clutch a bit. Compare the sound when he was taking off from a stop to the sound at the end when he takes off down the street off camera.
  13. Keep in mind the vid is edited. You can see at about 5s the film was cut. We don't know how long he had been revving it. I'm sorry, but I DON'T believe he was revving it ONLY to leave - there was definately an element of "for show" there.
  14. who cares if he was reving it. the cock rag on the pavements argument went out the window soon as he started dropping f this and f that, like anybody is gonna give him the time of day soon as he starts talking like that in public.
  15. seriously what kind of idiot was that guy? i want to find him and kick him in the throat for being such an outspoken twat
  16. Los Angeles / Hollywood, California... nagger
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  18. Holy shit James, calm down!
  19. Okay, no... *this* guy needs to calm down before I do.
  20. ahahahah some people eh!
  21. spot on.

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